Joey Graziadei Speaks Out About Finances Following Concerns

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei.


Joey Graziadei clarifies comments about missing credit card payment.

Most recent “Bachelor” lead Joey Graziadei has sparked some concerns after he admitted to missing a credit card payment. The result was a drop in his credit score.

“I was at 730 and I went on the show and I had a payment from a credit card that I didn’t answer for two and a half months and I dropped like 80 points,” Gradiadei said on the June 10 episode of the “Trading Secrets” podcast.

He went on to explain why he missed the payment.

“I bought like something online for a hundred bucks and never paid off. I went on a TV show and I come back and my credit score… you’re like, ‘I’m America’s sweetheart,’” he added.

From there, some fans started to worry that Gradziadei was in financial trouble.

Joey Graziadei Addressed Concerns on Social Media

A few weeks after the podcast was released, Graziadei took to social media to address any and all concerns about his finances. He took time to set the record straight and let fans know that he’s “doing just fine” despite rumors to the contrary.

“There were headlines and videos that stated that I was in financial trouble. Let me set the record straight, I’m not broke, I’m doing just fine,” Graziadei said via his Instagram Stories on July 1. The comments were made as part of an ad for CreditKarma.

Someone shared the video on Reddit.

“My credit score did in fact drop by a substantial amount when I was away on the show. This all came from me missing one small payment when I was away on the show for three months. It resulted in my credit score taking a large hit, but since that time, I’ve been able to raise my credit score. This can happen to anyone,” he added.

Graziadei also clarified his current living situation, telling fans that he’s been living with his fiancee, Kelsey Anderson “and her roommates” until her lease ends.

Fans Reacted to Joey Graziadei’s Post About His Finances

Many “Bachelor” fans have their own feelings about Graziadei’s clarifying comments. More people focused on Gradiadei’s “ad” for Credit Karma rather than what he had to say.

“Oh, i liked him better when he stayed quiet and let everyone roast him for being ‘broke,’” one fan commented on the aforementioned Reddit thread.

“Joey was like, the most unemployed bachelor in the world besides Colton. Of COURSE he’s going to turn to influencing,” someone else said.

“It will forever be funny to me that some people honestly thought that Joey would not try to be an influencer and would have an issue with any of his women wanting to be influencers. And now Joey, Kelsey, and his sister are influencing,” a third comment read.

“People need to leave this man alone with the whole he’s broke and the people asking if he even works. Let that man live he’s clearly living well – travelling and enjoying the bachelor experience with his fiancee. It’s giving jealousy from everyone else. He’s got money coming in through his fame, allow it. Have people never heard of influencers?” a fourth Redditor wondered.

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