John Fuda Breaks Silence on Criminal Past and Decision to Change His Last Name

John Fuda

John Fuda Breaks Silence on Criminal Past and Decision to Change His Last Name 

John Fuda is speaking out after a series of reports implied that the Real Housewives of New Jersey  husband was a convicted felon. 

John Fuda

John Fuda, husband of Bravo newbie, Rachel Fuda, appeared on the BravBros podcast on June 20 to set the record straight. He explained that while he did experience run-ins with the law many years ago, fan pages reporting the story neglected to mention a few key details. 

“I’m not a convicted felon, at all,” John said, during the interview. “So what they posted, they actually left out the bottom of it.”

Screenshots referencing a felony charge stemming from an incident that occurred in Passaic, New Jersey, have been circulating online. The reports  failed to clarify that Fuda was much younger at the time and that his case was later dismissed. 

John Fuda

John reflected back on his younger years as he explained the backstory.  

“There’s actually two more lines in that same exact report that says it was dismissed,” he shared. “Like any other juvenile kid, I got in trouble when I was a juvenile, got myself into a couple of things going through an adolescent stage, got myself involved in a couple of things, fights and this and that. And someone took it, posted it, and left out the part that says ‘dismissed’ to paint a picture of me.”

John Fuda

John reiterated — “I’m not a convicted felon at all.”

Court records revealed that Fuda was arrested at the age of 21, in November 2008. Fuda, who reportedly went by Jonathan Datria at the time, was arrested for “operation of a motor vehicle while in possession/narcotic.”

John Fuda

John also explained why he chose to change his name, insisting that it had nothing to do with burying a shady past. 

“I changed my name because [Rachel and I] got married in 2017,” Fuda shared. “I was raised by the Fuda family. I always honestly thought I was a Fuda until I was in third or fourth grade … I used to sign Jonathan Fuda.”

He continued — “I have the family crest, the Fuda Crest, and I wanted to start everything the right way. So I did it in 2017. I changed my name at that point to honor my grandfather, Joseph Fuda. So my name now is Jonathan D’Atria Fuda.

John made headlines after his ex disputed claims that she was contacted by by an investigator hired by Luis Ruelas, after a contentious interaction played out between the two men on the reunion stage.  

John Fuda

John claimed that Luis had hired well-known private investigator, Bo Dietl, to dig up dirt to use against his family, during the third part of the RHONJ reunion. Luis denied the allegation. 

Rachel Fuda shared her own concerns about the rumored investigation during Part 2 of the series. She referenced her husband’s ex, who claimed in the press that he had banned their son from spending time with her.  

Rachel Fuda

Jaiden’s birth mom, Brittany Malsch, who is currently serving time in a halfway house, later denied that she was contacted by anyone connected to Luis. 

“This whole Luis contacting me accusation is completely absurd!” Malsch told the U.S. Sun. “It just goes to show how delusional these people are.”


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