Kathy Hilton Apologizes to Kyle Richards After RHOBH Tequila Drama

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton


Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton reunited at a surprising location more than a year after RHOBH-season-12-cast-trip-erika-jayne-drama/”>their explosive cast trip to Aspen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In June 2023, the celebrity siblings seemingly buried the hatchet at Kemo Sabe, a western-wear shop and bar that was the site of one of Hilton’s meltdowns last season after she claimed Richards didn’t support the tequila brand she was invested in.

Richards and Hilton’s family members are in Aspen for the June 24 wedding of Kim Richards’ daughter, Whitney Davis and Luke Graham White. And while the estranged sisters were already filmed singing karaoke to the Sister Sledge song “We Are Family,” some fans were stunned that they also returned to Kemo Sabe.

Kathy Hilton Apologized to Kyle Richards at the Kemo Sabe Bar


On June 23, Richards and Hilton were caught in an Instagram video posted by Richards’ eldest daughter, Farrah Brittany. In the short clip, the two women were at Kemo Sabe, each holding a bottle of tequila while standing behind the bar. A tag on Hilton’s bottle said, “Kendall’s Tequila” while Richards’ was labeled “Kathy’s Tequila.”

Hilton then apologized to Richards as several family members, including her husband Rick Hilton, looked on. “I’m sorry! It wasn’t your fault,” she said to Richards. “It was not your fault.”

Richards replied, “Get the video! Get the video!” and noted that she had been across the room when the RHOBH tequila drama took place in early 2022.

“I know, I was just being sad…” Hilton replied.

Kathy Hilton Was Upset After Lisa Rinna Ordered Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila & Kyle Richards Didn’t Do Anything About It

The tequila drama dates back to January 2022, when the RHOBH cast stopped by Kemo Sabe and cast member Lisa Rinna ordered a rival tequila after Hilton had been promoting Casa Del Sol, the tequila brand that actress Eva Longoria launched in 2021 and that Hilton is invested in, according to Us Weekly.

After Rinna ordered a shot of 818 tequila, which she claimed is her “friend Kendall Jenner’s tequila,” Hilton became upset and was heard complaining about her co-star drinking the rival brand in front of her.  She also blamed her sister, who was the host of the Aspen trip.

“In front of me here right now and Kyle doesn’t do a  f***ing thing about it,” Hilton said. “I am  f***ing pissed off,” she added as she stormed out of the bar.

The tension over the tequila situation spawned later drama RHOBH-star-kathy-hilton-blowing-up/”>at an Aspen nightclub, although that was not caught on camera. By the end of the trip, Hilton and Richards’ relationship was strained and things got worse after filming the RHOBH season 12 reunion.

During the reunion taping, Hilton said she was angry at Richards, not Rinna, over the tequila order, because she felt her sister didn’t support her. Richards broke down in tears and said, “It was my fault like everything always f***ing is.”

While speaking on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast, Richards said she had always been supportive of her sister’s tequila promotion. “Before Aspen, she said, ‘We’ve invested in this tequila company. Do you care if I bring it to Aspen?’ And I said, ‘Not at all. send it to my house. We’ll mix drinks with it, I’ll put it out,’ and that’s exactly what we did,” Richards revealed on the podcast. “At the Kemo Sabe event, I didn’t even know the tequila was there. I didn’t even know it was on the bar. I knew nothing.”

Richards added that she was stunned when Hilton later claimed she was under the impression that the group shopping event at Kemo Sabe would be about her tequila. “When Rinna is ordering the tequila, I’m literally, I didn’t even hear her,” Richards added. “I was tying my dog’s leash up so she wouldn’t run around Kemo Sabe. I didn’t know any of this. So, when I saw that, I was like, ‘How does she expect me to know this?’”

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