Kathy Hilton Shares Why She Returned to RHOBH, & Kyle

Kathy Hilton Reveals Why She Returned to <a href=RHOBH, Shares Updates With Kyle and Paris, & Talks Newbie Bozoma’s Addition, Plus Her Latest “Big Mistake” on Social Media” width=”800″ height=”522″/>

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Kathy Hilton shared why she decided to return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she hinted at the new castmates. The ‘friend of’ also gave an update on her daughter Paris Hilton as a mom, and she addressed her latest “big mistake” on social media.

When Kathy first joined the show, she showcased her new relationship with sister Kyle Richards following their years-long feud. But by the next season, the sisters fought again and were no longer speaking. Amid the new feud, Kathy chose not to film for season 13. Now, she’s in a RHOBH/”>better place with Kyle, and they’re both filming for the new season.

In an interview for Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap, Kathy was asked why she decided to come back.

“Well I always had a great time, and I like all the girls. And I’m friendly with [newbie] Jennifer Tilly cause [her friend] Sutton and I are very close,” said Kathy. “And I was very intrigued by — I’d never met Boz [Saint John], and she is something else. Wow … At times she’s looking at all of us like we’re all crazy.”

According to Kathy, she told Bozoma that they were “worried” she wouldn’t come back.

“She was funny. She said, ‘I went into the ladies room and I was looking for a window to try to escape,’” recalled Kathy. “To see our cast of characters, it’s a whole new world for her, and we all really like her. I think she’s a great choice.”

Kathy shared that she and Kyle are still in a good place.

The ‘friend of’ said she’s “working on a couple projects,” and her daughter Paris is working on a project as well. Because of this, Kathy doesn’t know if her Netflix show Paris in Love will return for a third season.

Kathy said she enjoys seeing how “happy” Paris is as a mom, and that she’s “learning along the way.”

The star shared that her grandchildren call her “Kiki” because her younger sisters used to call her the same name when they were little. Kathy claimed she’s already pulled some pranks this season on RHOBH, but she didn’t share details.

Addressing her social media, Kathy revealed that – in the middle of the night – she recently made another “big mistake.” She thought she was sending a DM, but it was actually a public comment. In the comment, she was asking somebody for a certain item as she prepared for a trip to Paris.

“And I [wrote], ‘Not like [the ones that] three of my best friends [have]. I don’t like their blah blah blah,’” recalled Kathy. “The shape or whatever. So my girls call me and they go, ‘Do you understand what you just did?’ … So we erased it.”

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