Kenya Moore and Brittany Eady “Got Into” Altercation

REPORT: Kenya Moore and Newbie Brittany Eady “Got Into" Altercation While Filming RHOA Amid Alleged Gun Threats as Photographer Suggests It Was “Deadliest Scene” Ever Filmed, and Drew Seemingly Reacts

Credit: Instagram

Kenya Moore reportedly “got into it” with newbie castmate Brittany Eady, and the threats were allegedly “deadly.” Drew Sidora seemingly shared her reaction to the incident, as a photographer who was present suggested it was the “deadliest scene” that was “ever filmed on the franchise.”

The cast, now filming the latest season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, features several new stars after the network fired many women from season 15. Porsha Williams is returning amid her divorce, and it seems she’s getting along with Kenya, her once nemesis.

According to sources speaking to The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram, Kenya and Brittany “got into it” in a heated altercation, and the “threats were deadly.”

Per the source, the situation reached a point where Brittany allegedly said to Kenya, “I have a gun for b****es like you.”

Photographer Erick Robinson, who was working when the alleged incident took place, addressed it on X in a now-deleted post.

“I am still trying recover myself,” he wrote on June 6 in a post shared by @bravoandcocktails_ on Instagram. “I couldn’t even take a photo, my mouth fell to the floor and I am just in awe like that was the most deadliest scene probably ever filmed on the franchise.”

Image credit: @ImErickRobinson/X via @bravoandcocktails_/Instagram

Castmate Drew also wrote a recent post seemingly reacting to the incident.

“I’m flabbergasted and floored,” she expressed on X, along with a meme of a head exploding.


As of now, the details have not been confirmed. In the past, many fans have accused Kenya of leaking stories to the press in a way that favors herself. It’s too early to know the full story leading up to the event, though it seems undoubtable that cameras captured it.

Last season, Kenya shared her belief that the show was getting worse.

“I can only tell you from my vantage point what works. If you ask the fans, they want me there,” she said in an interview with Reality With the King, via Yahoo. “In Portugal, I cursed everybody out at the table. You guys are ruining the show with these fake storylines, fake beefs, manufactured drama… you’re clearly ruining the show. I said what I said.”

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