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Kevin and Franklin Jonas are teasing the upcoming next season of their popular reality competition series Claim to Fame!

The famous Jonas brothers, who are the oldest and youngest of their family, serve as hosts on the ABC show, which returns in just a couple weeks for season three.

Ahead of the premiere episode, Kevin and Franklin are dishing on what fans can expect.

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Kevin teased on SiriusXM’s Smith Sisters Live that the celebrity relative contestants this season are “the biggest celebrity relatives, like the most famous people that we’ve ever had I think by far, like ever.”

When asked if they’re more famous than past celebrities like Tom Hanks and Dolly Parton, Kevin said, “I’d say like those are legends, obviously, but like more than that.”

As for the clues this year, the brothers teased the clue wall won’t be the same throughout the season…

“It may, you know, this season we wanted to, there’s a lot of things this season that we wanted to try, and we wanted to address and evolve the show as best it can, so, you know,” Franklin began teasing.

“There’s something that we had a big discussion last season. Something I really got, like, it got deep in my brain and I would ask Frankie about it and we’d talk in depth and he thought it was crazy because I couldn’t stop the talking about it, but at the end of the season, if you kind of win the final challenge in the last couple episodes, last seasons, you kind of hold all the cards. Right? You get to kind of…” Kevin added. “It’s not quite the same this time. That will be very different this season, so yeah.”

Did you see the first look at the clue wall?? Check it out right here!

If you missed it, the 11 season three contestants have been revealed, along with first clues and hints at who they may be related to…

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