Keyshia Cole’s Ex Niko Khalé Recovering In Hospital After Being Stabbed: ‘By The Grace Of God I’m Back On My Feet’

Keyshia Cole’s Ex Niko Khalé Recovering After Being Stabbed In The Chest & Arm: ‘By The Grace Of God I’m Back On My Feet’

Miracles certainly do happen everyday!

R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s ex-boyfriend Niko Khalé gave his own testimony to this recently, sharing that he’s healing after being stabbed in the arm and chest.

Niko Khalé

Niko Khalé, 27, first shared pictures from a hospital bed two days ago. Posting a photo with himself, cheesing alongside his son Tobias, who he shares Keyshia Cole, 41, the musician wrote:

“Lucky to be alive. God got us.”

A couple of days later, Khalé gave an update and explained what landed him in the hospital bed in the first place. Apparently, the rapper suffered serious injuries to his lungs following the attack. Khalé shared more pictures from the recovery journey, ending with him in a wheelchair seemingly prepared to return home. Detailing the incident, he wrote:

“Got stabbed in my chest and my arm. My lung was punctured and collapsed. My diaphragm was also ruptured. They had to cut my stomach open and put a tube in my chest so I could breathe,”


“By the grace of God today I’m back on my feet and I am breathing on my own.”

While no other details were given about the situation, fans in Khalé’s comments seems to suspect his ex girlfriend. Users pointed out that the couple both recently deleted all pictures with each other from their social media. According to users the woman, who allegedly goes by @youknowsuko on instagram, displayed “clingy” and “alarming” tendencies during their relationship. A quick search for the woman’s page shows no image in her bio, but the name Sukora Renae Khalé does remains. The only images posted to the page are seemingly of the woman and her children celebrating Mother’s Day.

While one user commented under the images, seemingly addressing allegations made against her hashtagging in the comments “#standyourground”, and “#peoplearesad”, users over at Khalé’s page continued to speculate her involvement.

At this time it doesn’t seem that Keyshia, who split from Khalé back in 2020 for undisclosed reasons, has commented directly on the matter. However, just yesterday the “Let It Go” singer posted a cryptic message about having discernment. In a short video a man raps the lyrics:

“I feel something off with yo vibe/something bout you I don’t like/I can’t explain it/But I don’t mess with you”

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