Kitchen of the Week: Tall, Dark and Handsome

Linette Dai Design
“When everything is so open, it can feel too casual sometimes,” Dai says. “I wanted to infuse a sense of formality to the dining room.” This meant delineating it from the kitchen. Dai added columns to demarcate the space and designed a tray ceiling to add a bit of formality overhead. LED lights are tucked into the recesses of the ceiling’s millwork for ambiance. The dramatic chandelier adds to the urban glam feel.

While her clients originally envisioned a rectangular table, Dai had a better idea. “There was already so much boxiness through the strong angular elements that I envisioned a round table,” she says. “Round tables promote a sense of community and the flow of conversation. As they are a couple with four kids, I pictured it being happy and festive for the whole family as they enjoy each other’s company.” A circular table also helped with the room’s feng shui. “A lot of the feng shui in this home had to do with flow and balance,” Dai says.

The Wishbone chairs by iconic Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner add some European modern style to the room. “I used faux fur on the seats to add another touch of luxury,” Dai says.

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