Kourtney Kardashian Blasts Sis Kim’s ‘Greediness’ & Calls Her ‘Intolerable’ Amid Vicious Wedding Feud!

Don’t come for Kourtney Kardashian!!!

The Poosh founder may be zen AF in most of her life, but she’s not messing around amid this ongoing feud with little sis Kim Kardashian.

As Perezcious readers will no doubt recall, much of the last few weeks of episodes on The Kardashians have centered on Kourt and Kim’s war of words. And on Thursday, with the latest ep dropping on Hulu, we saw even more contentious remarks being made over the sisterly spat of the millennium!

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Of course, at issue here is Kourtney’s belief that Kim copied her look. The Lemme founder and her husband Travis Barker had a very fashionable Dolce & Gabbana-filled wedding last May in beautiful Portofino, Italy. Then, just a few months later, Kim rocked the runway at Milan Fashion Week in D&G attire that Kourt felt was a direct rip-off of her wedding theme. Cue the feud!

For the last couple weeks of Hulu shows, the two sisters have been verbally duking it out. They’ve gotten little sisters Khloé KardashianKendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner involved, momager Kris Jenner has been forced to comment, and close pals on each side are lending their energy to the fracas. And now, in Thursday’s new ep, we’ve got a LOT more from Kourt’s side of the situation.

For one, while talking to Khlo-money and longtime KarJenner pal Simon Huck, the mom-of-soon-to-be-four vented about her belief that Kim straight-up re-used her wedding look for the Milan show:

“I feel like I go to big extents to have my own thing, but there’s no sense of loyalty. It’s almost like a greediness. We have it all. We have more than we could want or need. If I look at the photos from the fashion show, half of the time I’m like, ‘is this my wedding?’”


While Khloé, Huck, and others tried to talk Kourtney down a bit throughout the ep, the 44-year-old was very clearly not down to make amends — at least not yet. Explaining why she doesn’t want to have a heart-to-heart with Kim, Kourtney said:

“It is who she is to her core. She’s so intolerable to even have a conversation with. She’s on her phone the whole time, she can hardly look up and is really hard to engage. It makes me want to run the other way.”


And then she added:

“I just thought, ‘what else can you take away from me? Can I have anything that’s mine?’”

One very interesting (and longstanding) family dynamic popped up during Kourtney’s chat with Khloé on the wedding woes. The eldest KarJenner sis explained to the Revenge Body alum about the longtime rivalry that has stemmed from the fact that Kourt and Kim’s birthdays are just a year and a half apart:

“If she felt bad, don’t you think she should reach out and say, ‘hey, I was thinking about it and I really feel…’ But I don’t think that she feels [bad]. It comes from an old thing of us being 18 months apart and just having a more competitive nature as sisters.”

Then, in a cutaway to a confessional, the interior design aficionado went on to restate the main thesis of her beef to Kardashians viewers:

“This was definitely not about a brand. It was about my wedding. I didn’t feel truly supported. It is like a free for all and there are no boundaries. It felt like there’s no decency to ask me how I felt about her doing this so closely to my wedding.”

And Kourtney wasn’t going to go out without a flourish, either.

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Wrapping the confessional with a fiery finish, Scott Disick‘s ex slammed her 42-year-old little sis for having “no boundaries” with her business-minded actions:

“No one just gives a f**k about anything. It’s like the Wild West. Like, ‘we’re just gonna take and do as we want. Whatever’s best for us.’ I think for my survival, I need my own identity and I need my own life. I really love having my own separation.”


Of course, in last week’s Hulu ep, Kim claimed she “couldn’t have been more mindful” of Kourtney regarding the post-wedding D&G collab. Whether that’s actually true or not, it certainly isn’t the case from Kourtney’s perspective.

The Kardashians have been teasing a big sit-down between Kourt and Kim for a while now. Clearly, the tension is building towards that moment. We’re ready to see it pop off in a future ep!!!

What about U, Perezcious readers?!

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