Kristin Cavallari Says Dating ‘Not Important’

The Hills alum Kristin Cavallari isn’t in any hurry to add a new man to her busy life. In April 2020, the reality star split from her former NFL player husband, Jay Cutler.

The couple starred on the reality show Very Cavallari for three seasons. “I just decided I didn’t want to be in a toxic relationship anymore and I had to break it off,” she said of her decision to end their marriage.

The Uncommon James designer recently discussed how much of a role dating plays in her life. E! News has all the details.

Focusing on family (and fun)

Kristin is confident about her decision to put romance on the back burner. “It’s really not important to me right now. It’s just not with where I’m at in my life,” she explained.

“I’m mom, first and foremost,” Kristin added. She shares three kids with Jay: 10-year-old Camden, eight-year-old Jaxson, and seven-year-old Saylor.

“And then I’ve had a lot of fun in the last few years, just really focusing on my friends and getting to hang out with my friends again because I didn’t get to do that for a long time,” she said. “Really, when you’re having little babies and three babies, essentially, at one point in time, that was my world.”

But Kristin is leaving the door to dating open a smidge. “I’ve gone on a lot of dates in the last few years, but I don’t like a lot of people and I don’t [think I’m] picky. I just think it’s because I don’t have time for bulls–t anymore.”

So, what is she looking for in a potential partner? “My perfect dream guy, honestly, is someone who is so just happy in their own skin just secure.  I like a really manly man, someone who could fix something in the house if it broke instead of calling someone to fix it.”

Kristin continued, “I’m really happy on my own. And so, if I’m gonna let someone come into my life, you better be awesome and just bring joy in my life. I’m not putting up with bulls–t anymore. I’m past that phase,” she added.

Kristin was previously linked to Southern Charm stars Austen Kroll and Craig Conover. She denied those allegations and claimed that she was just friends with the Bravo stars.


I’d probably also stop dating if Randall were my last partner.

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