Lala Kent Dishes on Drama With Katie & Producer Off-Camera

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Dishes on Drama With Katie & Producer Off-Camera as She Claims Katie Turned Into Ariana's "Bobblehead," Plus Katie Defends HerselfVanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Dishes on Drama With Katie & Producer Off-Camera as She Claims Katie Turned Into Ariana's "Bobblehead," Plus Katie Defends Herself

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Lala Kent took further aim at Katie Maloney after last night’s first installment of the Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion, which featured her suggesting that Katie had complained about Ariana off-camera but refused to be honest with their castmate to her face.

Following the drama-filled episode, during which Lala, 33, said that Katie, 37, had felt hung out to dry by Ariana, 38, as she focused on the many post-“Scandoval” opportunities she had been given, Lala suggested that amid filming on the season, Katie turned into one of the “bobbleheads” of Ariana who she once shamed.

“Literally, I watched it in front of me, I’m like, ‘We’ve had discussions, you and I, Katie, about the group of bobbleheads that Ariana and Tom surround themselves with. They both do. And now you’ve turned into one. How do I talk to you? How do I f*cking talk to you?’” Lala wondered on the May 14 episode of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show.

According to Lala, Katie said “many times” that Ariana needed to move out of her then-shared home with Tom Sandoval, 41. However, once the cameras were rolling, she kept her mouth shut.

“It was like the complete opposite. Everything Ariana was saying made perfect sense to Katie. And I’m like, ‘Take Ariana out of it, insert [Scheana Shay], same situation, you’d be having a f*cking heyday,’” she noted. “Could you imagine? It would be very different.”

Lala went on to say that Katie had vented about Ariana’s lack of involvement with their sandwich shop, Something About Her, telling her, “I’m the only one doing sh*t … Like, where is she? She’s always late on her half of the rent. I don’t understand what’s going on. She’s dropping the ball.’”

As for why she believes Katie kept her mouth shut, Lala said she felt Katie was worried about rocking the boat with someone she was going into business with, especially after investing so much money.

“She’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into this restaurant and her business partner is Ariana. I can’t say I wouldn’t feel the same way. I probably would,” Lala admitted. “She had opinions. The thing is, you can have opinions and still have Ariana’s back.”

Looking back at their drama, Lala suggested that her friction with Katie was the result of her feeling that her castmate wasn’t being her authentic self.

“I think we were at odds because, from my point of view, she was not very honest this season and I don’t recognize that Katie,” Lala stated. “The reason why she and I really freaking connect is because we are no bullsh*t. You may not like what comes out of our mouths, it may be harsh or aggressive, but this is what it is.”

Lala also recalled a phone call she and Katie had with their producer.

“I remember the phone call well. It was a phone call between myself, Jeremiah, and Katie. And I thought it was gonna be a great phone call. In fact, Jeremiah asked us, ‘Do you want to do them solo or should we just have you guys together?’ And I was like, ‘Just loop us in. That’s my b*tch,’” she revealed.

“And it was, ‘F**k you, Lala,’” shared Scheana, 39.

“It was very intense,” Lala replied. “She said, ‘If I start f**king with her business, she’s gonna f**k with mine.’ Now let’s keep in mind, she don’t have a business right now. Let’s start there. Something About Her is Nothing About Her as of right now. It don’t exist. I have a real-life business so let’s start there. She got so furious about this that at the end of it, she was like, ‘F*ck you, Lala,’ hung up the phone, and Jeremiah said, ‘Are you still there.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m a grown a** woman. I’m still here.’”

After Lala claimed she confronted Katie about the things she’d said about Ariana, Katie defended herself, saying Lala’s issues with her were “ridiculous.”

“She was accusing me of not, like, being something. It was something having to do with [me and Ariana], but I don’t remember exactly what it was pertaining to,” Katie explained. “I don’t fake the funk here. Like, I can’t do that sh*t. If I’m not genuinely upset with somebody at that time, in the moment, I’m not going to get myself upset with them. It’s not gonna happen.”

The three-part Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion continues with part two next Tuesday, May 21, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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