Larsa Defends Revealing Guerdy’s Cancer Diagnosis

Larsa Pippen defends revealing Guerdy Abraira’s cancer diagnosis to RHOM co-stars despite promising not to on this week’s episode.

On Wednesday’s all-new episode of RHOM, Larsa Pippen blabbed about Guerdy Abraira‘s breast cancer diagnosis to several members of their co-stars despite promising not to tell anyone about her illness just hours before.

The episode started with Larsa and Guerdy continuing their awkward lunch from last week’s episode of RHOM. As the two discussed why Guerdy told Page Six Larsa was the “fakest Housewife,” the wedding planner broke down in tears and revealed her cancer diagnosis to the mom of four.

“I haven’t told anybody except for now you, my family of course, and now you’re the fourth person in the group to know,” Guerdy said while confirming that she already told co-stars Julia Lemigova, Nicole Martin, and Adriana de Moura about her diagnosis.

Larsa Pippen reveals Guerdy Abraira's cancer diagnosis to the rest of the RHOM cast
Larsa Pippen reveals Guerdy Abraira’s cancer diagnosis to the rest of the RHOM cast.

Guerdy asked Larsa to “take it in confidence right now,” and the former NBA wife agreed.

“Obviously, I hope that you take it in confidence right now just because I’m not sure how I’m gonna the rest of the girls. There’s never perfect timing with these girls,” Guerdy explained.

However, just six hours later, Larsa Pippen spilled the beans to several of her and Guerdy’s RHOM co-stars and a few of her personal friends.

“I went to meet with Guerdy, and I wanted to understand what I ever did to her for her to go public and say I was being fake, and before I know it, she’s like, ‘I have breast cancer,’” Larsa told Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, and KiKi Barth at a party she was throwing for her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan.

RHOM prepares to rally around Guerdy Abraira amid her breast cancer diagnosis
RHOM prepares to rally around Guerdy Abraira amid her breast cancer diagnosis

All three women were shocked, with Lisa yelling, “What?!” and Marysol breaking into tears.

“It’s not crazy, she’s OK,” Larsa told the ladies. “It’s stage 1 — it’s like early — but she said that, and I was literally, I don’t know what to say.”

When Alexia Nepola arrived at the party, Larsa and Marysol pulled her to the side to reveal Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis.

“So I went to meet with Guerdy, and she goes, ‘I have breast cancer,’ and I literally, Alexia, almost fell over. I didn’t know what to say to her,” Larsa shared.

Larsa then told Marysol and Alexia to “not say anything to her” and to “let her tell you guys.”

Of course, Larsa has received a lot of heat from Bravo fans for her decision to break Guerdy’s confidence and tell the rest of the RHOM cast of her diagnosis.

On Tuesday, the 49-year-old defended her decision to tell the RHOM cast about Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis.

“I called and texted Guerdy after she called me fake in the press. She never responded. We argued back and forth, which wasn’t shown. Then she told me [she] was diagnosed w/ breast [cancer]. I was shocked. I wanted to rally the girls to support her. I’ve been nothing but a good friend to her,” Larsa wrote on Bravo Talk Too Much‘s Instagram page.

Larsa defends blabbing Guerdy's secret to the ladies of RHOM
Larsa defends blabbing Guerdy’s secret to the ladies of RHOM.

Thankfully, we are happy to announce that Guerdy is CANCER FREE! The RHOM star announced the happy news at BravoCon earlier this month.

RHOM's Guerdy Abraira confirmed she's cancer free at BravoCon
RHOM’s Guerdy Abraira confirmed she’s cancer-free at BravoCon

RHOM airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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