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There is a reason why Larsa Pippen has been an OG cast member on Real Housewives of Miami for both the first and reboot series. She was the wife of a Bulls player who drank the Kool-Aid when living in Los Angeles and tried to turn herself into a Kardashian. Now, with a new sense of self and literally looking like a different person, Larsa isn’t holding back when it comes to expressing her internal thoughts. I know Larsa isn’t dumb, but sometimes the plans she comes up with and the words that leave her mouth leave me flabbergasted. 

Larsa and Marcus

After her divorce from Scottie Pippen, I wager Larsa must have taken a moment to think of a diabolical plan to stick it to her ex-husband. After hours of thinking, all she could come up with was to date his estranged friend/former teammate Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan. But hey, if the shade works, don’t fix what isn’t broken. The duo has been Instagram official since January 2023, but their ties go way back. If the 16-year age gap wasn’t enough to make you balk, let’s talk about their podcast, Separation Anxiety.

First, I am going to vent here. When watching Larsa state she can’t go more than five days without being by Marcus, it is cringey. Every military wife around the world is laughing at how dumb she sounds. Try a deployment, babe. Larsa has tried defending the December/May relationship, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, “I mean, I guess, yeah, but I think a lot of people think that our families were really close and intertwined, and they really weren’t. Like I never really knew Marcus or his mom or them. I just recently met them a couple of years ago.” I don’t buy it. They may or may not currently be together, but at this point, we’re a bit exhausted with the couple.

Larsa vs. Guerdy

Larsa Pippen/Instagram

One of the scariest things you can go through is being told you have cancer. My heart broke for Guerdy Abraira during the most recent season, but I was flummoxed when Larsa didn’t get the message about keeping her duck lips shut. Loose lips sunk the friend-ship as viewers watched Larsa reveal Guerdy’s private medical information to a bunch of guests at her welcome back Marcus party that included waiters and bartenders who could have easily spread the news. 

Beyond a doubt, Larsa’s instability in keeping a secret was sloppy and disturbing, but did her proclamation also have a bit of shade attached? Larsa was remarkably nonchalant when it came to the severity of the news, which caused viewers to take note. Before Episode 3 aired, it was clear that Larsa and Guerdy were having some issues, but I didn’t think Larsa would be that calculating or stoop that low. 

Larsa vs. Nicole

Nicole Martin/Instagram

Who could forget the Real Housewives of Miami reunion from hell when Larsa wouldn’t stop going after Dr. Nicole Martin? During the couch brawl, Larsa seemed to be weaponizing the fact that Nicole had her son out of wedlock. At the time, Nicole was arguing semantics as she told the Only Fans model, “You called my son a bastard,” with Larsa quipping, “I didn’t — I just said he was born out of wedlock.” Even Andy found himself heated as has welcomed two children via surrogate. Larsa just couldn’t admit she was wrong with Andy, noting, “That was an a**hole thing to say.” 

Larsa might just be the queen of shade. And even though, personally, the moves are sometimes a bit shitty, she does make for some memorable TV moments. You would think Larsa would have learned her lesson by now, as even the Kardashians once noted that the mother of four’s energy was off. But I doubt Larsa will ever change as she has finally found two things she is good at – missing Marcus and spilling the tea. 


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