Luann, Sonja on Friendship Status, Tease Welcome to Crappie Lake

From the Big Apple to a small town, Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan return to Bravo this July in the new series Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake.

The series premieres on Sunday, July 9, and as you can see in the trailer above, it follows the two longtime BFFs and The Real Housewives of New York City” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”c70bd812-674d-4516-b800-8aadfb79efde” href=”” title=”The Real Housewives of New York City”>The Real Housewives of New York City alums as they travel to a new town to hang with the locals and try some new experiences.

Spoiler alert: Antics ensue!

What can fans expect from Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake?

Expect to feel all the feels when it comes to Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake. “It’s really heartfelt. It’s warm and fuzzy,” Luann recently told The Daily Dish. “We really get to know the locals, and we love it. We both grew up in small towns, so it was kind of going back to our past. We became friends and we miss them. [Fans should] expect a fun ride.”

Sonja added, “But definitely I would say what to expect is always, with any of us girls, and especially us two together, [expect] the unexpected. I mean, it is crazy.”

Luann and Sonja reveal how they prepared for Welcome to Crappie Lake

While fans now have an idea of what to expect in the series, Luann admitted that she and Sonja didn’t know exactly what they were in for when they signed on for this adventure. “When we got on this ride we didn’t know what to expect. Right?” she said. “And so here we are in this small town. We made friends with the people of Benton. We helped where we could, and we tried to make a difference, and I think people are going to see that in the show. So as much as it is heartfelt, it’s the comedy that wraps around it.”


Where do Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan stand today?

The show also highlights the longtime friendship between Sonja and Luann, which fans first saw on RHONY and now on Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake (and will see again on Season 5 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip down the line). And, yes, they are as close as ever.

“I think what you can expect with us, we’re friends for so long and we know each other inside out. There’s a real trust level there. We can be ourselves. We can laugh at ourselves, but we’re very funny,” Sonja said. “We really let our hair down because the people are so welcoming. They’re just like, ‘I am what I am, I love living here. Welcome to Benton, let’s see what you can do.’ And that kind of challenged us as well.”
Luann added, “I think it’s really hard to prepare for a trip like this because you just don’t know what to expect,

Apparently, that was the case, as Sonja added, “Well, let me tell you, since she didn’t know what to expect, she came with 20 boxes. I kid you not: summer hat to fall hat, boots to sandals. She had every single piece of clothing with her just to be ready. Me, I came with two boxes and I layered up.”

Luann added with a laugh, “Yeah, well, you have a couple boxes arrive after the fact,” prompting Sonja to reveal, “Well, I had two boxes of sangria, one white, one red. Sonja sangria.”

Where to Watch Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake

Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake debuts with back-to-back half-hour episodes on Sunday, July 9, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The show will move to its regular time slot on Sunday, July 16, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes will be available to stream the next day on Peacock. 

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