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Atlanta must not be that big because whenever one of the ladies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts dating someone new, viewers learn that that man has either befriended, acted with, dated or slid into the DMs of another cast member. Earlier in the season, Kenya Moore revealed that Shereé Whitfield‘s boyfriend, Martel Holt, once private messaged her on Instagram, and this week, we learned something similar. But this time around, it had nothing to do with Shereé or Martel. Instead, it involved Kenya’s new boyfriend, Roi Shlomo.

Ralph Pittman hosted a send-off brunch before the group’s journey to Portugal, and most of the ladies brought their husbands or boyfriends. Marlo even showed up with her new boo. Kenya’s man was out of town, so he couldn’t attend the brunch, but he did surprise her with a FaceTime call. While doing so, Kenya flipped the phone around so Roi could say hi to all the ladies, and that’s when Marlo excitedly revealed that she knew Roi — she said they’ve dated before. As Kenya moved her call to another room, Marlo further told the ladies that Roi slid into her DMs in Oct. 2018 and then they went on a date together.

Then, when Kenya returned to the room — after she finished her call with Roi — Sanya Richards-Ross asked Kenya how she felt about Marlo dating Roi, and Kenya said she already knew. She said Roi told her prior to Marlo telling the group, and she didn’t care. They only went on one date, so Kenya said that the date helped Roi learn what he didn’t want in a woman. But what everyone found to be most interesting was the fact that Kenya didn’t care that her man slid into one of her co-star’s DMs before they met, yet she made such a big deal about Martel sliding into her DMs before he began dating Shereé.

But Roi wasn’t the only familiar face at Ralph’s brunch — Courtney Rhodes also brought her baby daddy, Bryce Wilson, and half the cast has a past with him. Kenya and Drew Sidora both acted with him in two separate movies, while Kandi worked with him in the music business.

Like we said, Atlanta must be very small. And that could be why the group traveled to Portugal this week. Shereé planned a trip so everyone could heal their bodies and their friendships, but that wasn’t easy to do. Especially because Shereé’s still holding a grudge against Drew for saying everyone’s She by Shereé gear was taken back after it was gifted to them during the season 14 reunion. Drew apologized to Shereé for her claim about the gear six weeks before the Portugal trip, but Shereé either isn’t over it like she said she was, or she was just trying to grasp onto a storyline, because she brought it up during the group’s first dinner in Portugal, and things got so heated that Drew stormed out in tears. So much for healing, right?

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