May’s Bestselling Piece Debuted On the Blog 6 Years Ago – Want to See What It Is? (+ The Other 9 Products EHD Readers Loved Last Month)

May is always a real big shopping month. Not only is it the unofficial beginning of the summer (which typically comes with a few new seasonal needs) but it has the second biggest sale day of the year…Memorial Day. Oh, and there’s a WayDay sale (Wayfair’s biggest sale) which is also a HUGE opportunity for some sweet home decor savings. So since it’s such a spendy month, we thought it would be pretty interesting to see what the top sellers were with all of you and share! Per usual, #1 was kinda a big surprise to us. Let’s get to it!

Deauville 21” Distressed Table Lamp

First up, a truly great lamp from Wayfair (actually Kelly Clarkson Home which is fun!). We did a “look for less” post for WayDay and this sweet lamp was a great and affordable alternative to the really pricey neutral ceramic lamps that are all over the market. I love the texture, the brass details, and of course, the price. It’s still on sale for $67 if you are in the market!

photo by kaitlin green | from: the really good home decor stuff at target right now (including stools i’m considering for the river house)

Wing Arm Accent Chair

The last time Emily went to Target she was once again so impressed with their newest home decor and this chair was no expectation. It’s from the Threshold x Studio McGee line (no surprise there either) and Em loved not only the price for the scale (it was a really nice size) but also the shape was a really pretty twist on a traditional style. Clearly, a bunch of you liked it too! Here’s the full post where she talks about all of her current Target favorites.

Cashmere Mist Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Stick

Mal Gal has been raving about this deodorant for a while and I get why since I had first-hand experience with it. I needed to borrow it while we were in Mexico (thanks, Mal!!). The hot weather is coming fast if it hasn’t hit you already and for those of us that really sweat, you will not be disappointed with this guy! Hope all of you who purchased it already love it! Here’s Mal’s official review:

From Mallory: I used to be a smelly gal. That is until I found this life-changing product. As warmer months are approaching ahead, it’s time to think about sweat control (especially for us sweaters), so I thought I’d bump my favorite deodorant that literally made me go from queen B-O to a sweet and delectable smelling lass. I cycled through hundreds of deodorants in my life and nothing seemed to work, but this boujee little deodorant stick keeps me smelling fresh even after a full hour of high intensity workout. If you smell like I used to, try this and you will smell INCREDIBLE.

Culinary Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

When Rejuvenation is offering 25% off and you need a faucet, it’s kinda a no-brainer, right?! I totally get why this one was so popular – it’s modern while still feeling appropriate for a more traditional kitchen, Rejuvenation’s brass is the perfect tone (I know firsthand), and you can’t deny how great it is to have a pull-down function. Congrats to all the new faucet owners!

The Harlow Jean Short

These are one of two shorts on this list and both are awesome. These are great because while you can totally dress them down (I mean they are jean shorts after all), the cute pleats in the front can also lean a little more polished thus giving the flexibility of dressing them a little up too. Em does recommend sizing up if you are thinking of adding to cart:)

Wicklow – The Italian Chino

I was SO happy to see these pants on the list! They are truly so wonderful and I say that owning a pair. I happened to see them on a really good sale in a shop where my dad lives but after wearing them a bunch I would totally pay full price. They do lean a little lowrise (as compared to my normal highrise pants) but they sit on your body so well, the fabric is a dream, and I really love the frayed hem. They look so great on Em (no surprise:)) but I also love them on me too! Highly recommend if you have the budget and were thinking about getting a pair.

photo by mark weinberg | styling by getteline rene | from: it’s here! our first ehd collection with rugs usa (+ why now? and why this?)

Monrowe Leather Sofa

Another beautiful Rejuvenation piece! So happy that their Memorial Day discount was put to good use:) Em has had this sofa for a long time and only has wonderful things to say about it. I mean look at that color and detail! This is such a good leather sofa if you are in the market.

Relaxed Mid-Length Denim Shorts

The other shorts! But this time it’s all about the cool, casual vibe. I think most people thought, “Oh these are the perfect summer shorts!” and I have to agree with them. The wash is light and happy, the distress is just the right amount and I love love that the back of them are a little bit longer. Em was also a big fan of the last detail.

Women’s Long Sleeve Cinch Waist Maxi Shirtdress

So while #1 was a little bit of a surprise, this one (#2) was not:) This dress was an immediate yes for us and many of you since it’s been a top-selling item since Em first wore it in her spring break fashion post in March! So much so that we did a post where we each got one and showed its versatility. Plus now at under $30, it’s even more of a steal. So happy so many of you agreed!

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: la living room final reveal

Bravyn Upholstered Lounge Chair

THIS CHAIR is #1!! If you are wondering why we were a little surprised, it’s because we’ve been promoting this chair (or the Target version) for yeeeeaaarrss! At least six. But also it’s just such a great-looking chair that’s extremely versatile and comfortable to sit in. So maybe we aren’t that surprised. It was another pick from our WayDay post and I hope that all the new chair owners out there are just as in love with it as we always have been.

Well, that’s a wrap! Hope this was a fun little read and come back tomorrow for an extra fun and dare I say revealing post:) See ya then!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Living Room Update – AGAIN – Our New Sofa, My Dream Floral Chaise And The Pop Of Red I Always Wanted In My Life

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