Meek Mill is feeling a mix of emotions as he celebrates his son Czar Williams’ fourth birthday while also marking his own special day today.

On X, formerly Twitter, the rapper expressed his frustration at not being able to wish his youngest son a ‘Happy Birthday’.

He wrote, “Happy bday czar me and papi called you 10 times today! My other son can’t even wish my other son happy bday … it looks perfect on the net!”

“Happy bday to my son that I can’t barely contact…miss you kid,” he added on his IG Story.

Meek also took a moment to reflect on his personal growth, expressing gratitude for his blessings and a renewed determination to cut out negativity from his life. “Today, where I thank God for my blessings and cut off everything in my life that don’t mean me well! I’ve held myself back long enough! Blessings take a shot for me!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Milan Harris, fashion designer and mother to Czar, poured her heart out in a touching Instagram tribute. “Happy birthday to my handsome baby boy @czartharuler. I love you so much. I can write a book about how you changed my world but we’re running late lol. I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for four years, time is flying,” Milan shared.

Milan also shared throwback photos on her Insta Stories, continuing to shower her son with affection, writing, “Happy Birthday to my everything. Because of you, I go ten times harder in everything I do.”

Milan previously shared her aspirations for raising her son, emphasizing the importance of instilling values of love and kindness.

“My biggest flex won’t be my success or the money I’ve made,” Milan Harris told her fans in 2022. “It’ll be who I’ve raised,” the designer emphasized. “I’m raising a gentleman, a Black king, a CZAR.”

“I’m raising him with love,” she added. “I want him to know love, feel love, exude love, and spread love.”


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