Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi Friendship Timeline

We love a famous friendship, and there are few as adorable as the bond between Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi. The duo are both incredibly talented musicians who’ve supported each other’s careers for years. Most recently, Horan has spoken out in support of his friend after Capaldi announced he was taking a break from performing live following a difficult Glastonbury set.

“I speak to Lewis most days to be honest with you. So I’m really happy for Lewis that he’s able to take the time that he obviously feels he needs right now,” Horan told The Sun on June 27. “But performing never gets easy. I don’t think you ever truly get used to singing in front of 100,000 people. If you have any sort of performance anxieties or anything like that then that stage can be a tough place.”

Capaldi opened up about his Tourette’s diagnosis and health concerns, including panic attacks, in his Netflix documentary, “How I’m Feeling Now.” He experienced a flare-up during his Glastonbury 2023 set as the crowd stepped in to help sing his lyrics. “We saw it at Glastonbury at the weekend when the whole crowd, 100,000 people, were right behind him,” Horan continued. “I think they realised how much he was struggling up there. It was a proper human moment. He’s not just the fella who sings and makes us laugh all the time, he’s the fella who also has anxieties and Tourette’s Syndrome and it’s coming to fruition on stage. So I’m glad people were right there behind him showing him support.”

In an October 2019 interview with Glamour, Horan revealed how they met back in 2017, and it turns out he messaged Capaldi first. “We met on social media, I slid into his DMs,” he explained. “My cousin showed me his music online when he had very small amount of views on a Vevo video.” The former One Direction member invited Capaldi to do a Glasgow show with him.

“First time I met him, I just thought he was a lunatic. It was Saint Patrick’s Day, we’d a few beers,” Horan remembered. Capaldi joked his friend was a “lovely chap” and “a lot smaller in real life.” Horan remembered, “We got very drunk and then we both played a show the next day, which was fun.” In 2022, the duo collaborated on a documentary for Guinness called “Niall Horan’s Homecoming The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi,” where they embarked on a road trip through Ireland, singing together along the way.

In a recent March interview with the British morning show “Lorraine,” Horan talked about how he and Capaldi recently had the time of their lives at an Eagles concert at the Forum in LA, and sat behind Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. “We just ended up getting on really well,” he said of their time at the concert, and joked that Wilson wanted him and Capaldi to duet on her album. Horan said of his “bromance” with Capaldi, “The Celtic vibes are strong. We get on very well.”

Ahead, we’re breaking down some of the biggest and cutest moments in Horan and Capaldi’s friendship.

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