Nneka Ihim is Fired From RHOP After One Season


REPORT: Nneka Ihim Has Been Fired From RHOP After Just One Season as Details Are Revealed

It’s been an interesting few weeks for fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Candiace Dillard-Basset announced her departure, Robyn Dixon confirmed she was fired, and now the word is that Nneka Ihim has been terminated after just one season. 

Notably, this wasn’t a well-received season of Potomac. Even early on, many fans felt that not only did Nneka not fit the show all that well, but the cast overall seemed to be phoning it in. 

Now, according to The Jasmine Brand, Nneka won’t get a second season to prove herself as a formidable housewife. Of course, this makes her the third cast member of RHOP to confirm she won’t be returning. However, Candiace’s departure was her choice

The thing that’s a bit different about Nneka and other housewives who have been fired is that she actually participated with the ladies and had memorable moments. However, many fans feel that the way she entered the show was off-putting as she immediately battled with and made off-the-wall accusations about Wendy Osefo’s mom. Of course, fans will remember her calling Wendy’s mother a witch and making disparaging statements about her social standing in Nigeria. 

Of course, her storyline on the show also consisted of her and her husband attempting to conceive while also settling into their newly bought home. 

Regarding the report, there is significant reason to believe Nneka has been fired from RHOP. This is mainly because The Jasmine Brand also exclusively reported that Robyn had been fired from the show. Additionally, the show seems to have gone off the rails, and the cast needs new blood. 

So, do you think Nneka was fired from the show after only one season? Traditionally, Bravo likes to give cast members a few seasons to get more comfortable on camera, but it seems that trend might be ending as Annemarie was recently fired from RHOBH after only one year. 

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