OMG Fashun Episode 3, Interview With Meagan “Jersey” Cruz

Another week has come and gone, which can only mean one thing. Two new episodes of E!’s OMG Fashun have dropped. In Episode 103, called “Sexual Wellness,” we meet Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, our next winning Disruptor. Wearing her own designs for filming, Meagan immediately won the favor of her judges. In fact, Julia Fox, Law Roach, and Violet Chachki all agreed that Meagan could design for them any ole time that she pleases.

In looking through Meagan’s Instagram, her talents are clear. Likewise, so is her nod to upcycling, which makes her the perfect candidate for this series. Adding on to her resume, she just showed us all even more of her incredible talents over on E!. Now, she’s joining Reality Tea’s writer Amy DeVore to further dish on all things OMG Fashun.

Meagan’s first impressions

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy DeVore: You said that designing for Julia was a dream come true. Was the filming process everything that you’d dreamed of?

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz: It was surreal. Just being in the same room with Law and Julia, and even meeting Law’s stylist and Violet, all of them just being right across from me was like a dream come true. Julia has always been my number one person that I think would wear my stuff. So, it’s crazy how it all just came together.

Amy: How did you end up on this series?

Meagan: Well, when the opportunity came, I just said yes, and everything ended up working out. I also want to say that it was fate. My mom died a couple of years ago, and she was my biggest supporter. So I honestly feel like she has a lot to do with what’s going on in my life right now. I have an ancestor-like Angel on my side. You know what I’m saying?

Amy: I do. And I think that you likely made your mother incredibly proud of you in turn.

*Insert virtual hugs.

The tie

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy: For your first challenge, you had to transform a white tee. All of the judges were fans of your design. So much so that you won this challenge. But, your win came in the form of a tie. You weren’t thrilled on this, which I get. Walk me through your emotions that day.

Meagan: I feel that mine was styled really well. I mean, all of them were good. I just believe in myself a lot. And I thought that mine was the best. But, it did kind of get in my head about the next challenge, because I’m thinking that maybe Jessica has an up on me.

Amy: How were you able to overcome that?

Meagan: It was just tunnel vision. I just needed to get to work and get in there. But even in the workroom, I was watching, seeing her and what she was doing, and it made me nervous.

Meagan delivered on “Sexual Wellness”

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy: Your episode was called “Sexual Wellness,” where you had to design a look for her pleasure. When you first heard this, what were your thoughts?

Meagan: I was actually pretty excited about it because I’m not squeamish or anything around sex toys and talking about sex. It was also funny, because the other contestant David was kind of shy about it. So the dynamic between me and him was just funny. It was almost giving Schitt’s Creek vibes, because I was like, ‘David!’ all the time.

*Insert this conversation going off of the rails, because Schitt’s Creek is my love language.

A now back on track Amy: On that same note of sexual ease, you asked your fellow Disruptors to play a little game. You called this a sexual never have I ever. Did you have a favorite response from this?

Meagan: David’s responses were all funny because he didn’t know how to answer some of the questions on dildos and sex toys. And also, Jessica is so shy to me, so hearing her talk about some things and then being like, wait, what?

The blindfolds and harnesses of it all

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy: When you opened up your safe to a blindfold, handcuffs, a nurse’s cap, latex paint, and a harness, you smiled. What was running through your mind?

Meagan: I liked it. The nurse cap kind of threw me off though, because it was a little costume-like. But I ended up picking the whole thing off and making it work in a fashionable way. The liquid latex threw me off too, but I used it to attach an emblem. It all worked out.

Meagan’s win and future plans

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy: When Julia announced that you’d won, you grew emotional. You said that this win validated your work. Talk to me about that.

Meagan: Well, I was self-taught, and I started out as an exotic dancer. I used to make dancer clothes, and then I started getting into swimwear and resort wear, and then I got more into the avant-garde stuff. Through the earlier parts of my career, I feel like I wasn’t respected, because my designs were too sexy. So it was just super validating to have people with opinions that actually matter to me be like, okay, this is good.

Amy: What’s also good is your winning check. What are you going to do?

Meagan: Pay down my credit cards and be responsible.

Meagan’s parting words

Meagan “Jersey” Cruz, OMG Fashun 103
Photo Credit: Scout Productions/E! Entertainment

Amy: Before we sign off, is there anything else you want to say?

Meagan: I’m really thankful for this opportunity because I feel like I don’t fit in with some of the norms. They’re giving me my first little step to step on, and I’m so grateful. I hope that other designers get inspired to make stuff out of whatever they have and post it online. #OMGFashun.

This interview was edited for conciseness and clarity.

Back-to-back episodes of OMG Fashun drop every Monday on E!, starting at 9:00 pm.


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