Paige DeSorbo Predicts Amanda Will Divorce Kyle in 5 Years

While Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke are the people who are actually married, it’s safe to say that their fellow Summer House cast members have been a part of their love story since the beginning. Thus, the pair is usually willing to listen to their friend’s opinions on their relationship … especially if the thoughts are coming from Amanda’s good friends Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller

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In the video above, which is a preview of Summer House Season 8, Episode 13 (set to air Thursday, May 16), Paige shares her take on the future of Amanda and Kyle’s marriage. And though he’s willing to listen for a moment, Kyle isn’t super pleased with her assessment.

After Kyle gets fed up with a conversation about Amanda’s happiness as it relates to her career (she wants to take a step back from their company, Loverboy, in favor of her own passions and start a company of her own), Paige decides to explain how important it is to have these chats now.

“I don’t want to have this conversation in five years that she’s leaving you. You’re starting that slippery slope. She’s gonna get so unhappy,” Paige says in the video above. “You’re going to lose your marriage because of a company? You’re at a really big life crossroad.”

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For a second, Kyle takes Paige’s warning to heart. Getting serious, he notes that — if Amanda’s happiness and confidence is actually at stake — “of course” he’s open to her stepping away from Loverboy. “I just think it’s a little more complicated than that,” he adds before deciding to stand up and leave the conversation.

“You’re being really selfish, Kyle,” says Paige, to which he responds, “This is such f-cking bullsh-t.”

Ciara Miller’s Take on Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s Relationship

In the same conversation, Ciara Miller gives Kyle her opinion on the situation.

“You have to understand, like, she is so wrapped up in your entire world. Everything is about you. What if she has something that’s for her?” asks the model. 

While Kyle notes that he doesn’t think of Loverboy as “his” company, Ciara establishes the point that he can’t always expect Amanda to be as obsessed with the brand as he is. “You need to take Loverboy out of it for a second, because she needs to be doing stuff that’s potentially going to make her happy and she needs to find her own identity outside of her relationship with you,” the nurse explains. “And if she’s not happy, you’re going to be working with nothing.”

Kyle Cooke Previously Slammed Amanda Batula’s New Business Idea

Following Summer House Season 8, Episode 12, Kyle spoke up in the Summer House After Show about Amanda’s idea to start her own swimsuit line. During the episode itself, the pair had argued about how stress at Loverboy was divided; Amanda oversees creative at the company.

“I didn’t realize until that moment that Amanda didn’t understand, you know, you’re a full-time employee and contributor [at Loverboy], and I have to kind of beg you to kind of step up to the plate, and now you’re telling me you want to go do something else,” Kyle shared. “When I think of passions and hobbies and interests, I think of learning how to paint, not starting another business.”

The business owner also explained why his wife’s explanation struck him the wrong way.

“All this sounded like to me was, ‘Hey, Kyle, I’ve got an idea, and I need you to do it,'” he says. “Because I know how it’s gonna shake out because that’s how everything shakes out in our relationship, me doing the work.”

You can see peek the rest of Paige, Ciara, and Kyle’s conversation at the top of this post, and see how everything pans out by watching Thursday’s all-new Summer House.

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