Questions for The Idol Season Finale ‘Jocelyn Forever’

This post contains spoilers for The Idol season finale “Jocelyn Forever.”

Well, it’s over. After months of controversy, rumors, and alleged castings of Elizabeth Berkley, The Idol season 1 is over. Will there be a season 2? Who knows. Were there supposed to be six episodes? Not after Sam Levinson took over, apparently. Some previous questions did get answered. Dyanne did not get to release “World Class Sinner,” alas. Jocelyn does not care about any of her friends, or apparently lovers. The Jocelyn cigarette count (3 this ep) never hit the dizzying heights of the premiere. The Weeknd never showed hog. But he wasn’t a literal vampire. And he wasn’t the master manipulator everyone thought he was. In the words of Chrissy Chlapecka, he was “literally just A Guy.” But there are still some unaddressed questions, such as:

➽ Hey, why’d any of this happen? Like the whole show, what was that about?

➽ Why did anyone do any of the things they did, ever?

➽ Why’d Finkelstein call Joss about coming over? That could have been an email.

➽ Is Leia wearing her makeup brand? That’s adorable.

➽ Which of Charles Manson’s songs is Andrew Finkelstein’s favorite? Since he thinks he was so talented, and all.

➽ Were they spritzing Abel with fake sweat, or was that method sweat?

➽ Can Sam Levinson do a finale without a whole musical performance? Does he want to get into A&R, is that what this is?

➽ Why’d they give Troye Sivan that song George Harrison ripped off from the Chiffons? Everyone else got an original track.

➽ What kind of boob tape was Jocelyn using for that performance? Is it part of her and Leia’s makeup line?

➽ Why wasn’t Jocelyn’s ex addressed in the exposition convo between Hank Azaria, Eli Roth, and Jane Adams? Every other thing got a little handwave.

Can people be good journalists anymore?

➽ Okay, what was up with the hairbrush? Was the whole abuse thing a lie, or was Joss just doing some prop comedy (prop tragedy) with the fake old hairbrush? And combined with the girl making up an assault, is there a woman on this show who doesn’t lie about being abused?

➽ Am I supposed to feel bad for Tedros?

➽ Where’d Dan Levy go?

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