Reflecting on Kenya Moore’s Funniest RHOA Moments

It looks like we have come to the end of an era as news broke that Kenya Moore had decided to leave Real Housewives of Atlanta. The mother of one found herself in quite the pickle after she allegedly unveiled explicit photos of the newest peach holder, Brittany Eady. Word on the curb was Kenya blew up photos for decoration of Brittany in a compromising sexual position for her Kenya Moore Hair Spa opening. The RHOA star denied the allegation taking to X to note she would never partake in revenge porn. But whatever went down, Kenya has either been given the boot or left on her own. Now I found myself reminiscing of all the good moments we had with the Bravo star. 

Stuttering Sheree

One of my fondest memories of Kenya will forever be her on-point impersonations. Though probably a bit mean, Kenya had a knack for mocking her co-stars. Kenya couldn’t help but retell an encounter where Shereé Whitfield couldn’t get her thoughts together and instead stuttered her insults. After a rousing interaction, complete with groans and pauses, Kenya noted in her confessional, “Take your medication, child. It might calm down your nerves. And it might get you speaking right.” 

The black mesh dress

Phaedra Parks has not always been known for her subtle fashion choices. The lawyer/funeral director/activist/ TV personality has always enjoyed baring her donkey booty, especially on holiday. One particular outfit stood out from the rest while on a cast trip to Anguilla. So, of course, Kenya wasted no time finding a replica of the famous black mesh swimsuit coverup. Kenya showed up to a filmed event wearing the infamous outfit, complete with butt pads. Kenya got the last laugh as usual while Phaedra tried to play the moment down. 

Big house, bigger problems 

For some reason, Kenya and Shereé had a weird competitive streak regarding their oversized houses. Neither one got their homes built at lightning speed. Still, instead of rooting for one another to succeed, Kenya found every opportunity to poke fun at the monstrosity that was Chateau Shereé. During the Season 8 premiere, the shade queen, who hardly knew one another, went head to head. Kenya noted in her confessional, “I’m actually living in my house, unlike my faux neighbor, Shereé.” The former beauty queen even went as far as to rename Chateau Shereé to “Chateau She Can’t Pay.” You have to give it to Kenya, she is creative. 

Michael Rapaport never stood a chance

Every Bravo fan is aware that actor Michael Rapaport is a super fan. He has been a guest on Watch What Happens Live numerous times, doling out his unsolicited opinions. But that didn’t stop Kenya from putting the man in his place more than once. During one heated interaction, Kenya noted, “I don’t need you telling me what I am or am not. I appreciate you being a fan, though. Thank you for watching. Keep the cable on.” The audience couldn’t keep their church giggles to themselves as Michael turned a special shade of red. 

Shortly after, Michael hosted Kenya as she reminded him of her schooling, saying, “Oh, you mean when I read you for filth? I’m glad to see you kept the cable on.” Kenya always knew how to do Michael dirty even mistaking Frank Catania’s eyes for his. 

Edges matter

The way Kenya could pluck insults out of the sky, specifically for Marlo Hampton, was magical. A few of my favorites include “I’m an icon, and she’s an ex-con” and “Struggle face, shut the hell up.” But perhaps the funniest moment had to be when Kenya interrupted Marlo’s wig launch with her own chant and an entire high school marching band. Kenya has always made good TV, and her entrance was iconic. Take notes: if you’re going to crash someone’s event, make sure you look drop-dead gorgeous, like Kenya. Twirl is something else. 

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