‘RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Resolves Lawsuit Involving ‘Baseless and Damaging’ Sex Trafficking Accusations

Diana Jenkins

RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Resolves Lawsuit Involving ‘Baseless and Damaging’ Sex Trafficking Accusations 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, Diana Jenkins, has settled a lawsuit with an anonymous blogger, Crazy Days and Nights, after the former Bravo star was hit with accusations relating to sex trafficking. 

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Diana Jenkins, took to Instagram to update her fans and followers, confirming that the issue had been settled. 

Diana Jenkins wrote on Tuesday — “The goal of that lawsuit was to get him to remove false and harmful statements accusing me of unspeakable acts.”

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She continued — “This was a painful and expensive process, but fighting misinformation and bullying online is something I’m passionate about. No one deserves to have their reputation falsely attacked online. I hope that people remember that words published online have effects in the real world too.”

Diana Jenkins

She added that she looked forward to “putting this painful period behind me.”

In November 2022, Diana filed a lawsuit against an anonymous blogger after he accused her of being involved in sex trafficking and having ties to Jeffrey Epstein. The lawsuit claimed that Crazy Days & Nights blogger, Enty Lawyer, had falsely accused Diana of crimes amid a smear campaign driven by a pursuit of online clout and financial gain.

Diana Jenkins

The anonymous blogger’s Twitter profile describes the writer as— “A 300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent’s basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt.”

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins’ legal team slammed the site in the lawsuit, which stated—”Some of the stories Enty Lawyer has told — false stories about Ms. Jenkins’ alleged role in the Benghazi attacks or the assassination of the Haitian president — are so far out of bounds that his intent could only be to destroy Ms. Jenkins’ reputation.”

Jax Nilon

Ms. Jenkins will no longer play the role of villain in the false and outrageous story Enty Lawyer has been publishing for his own financial gain since 2012,” the lawsuit contended. “It is time for the story to be set straight and for the credits to roll on Enty Lawyer’s Hollywood lie.”

Diana pointed to the blogger tweeting a link to a story involving the former RHOBH star alongside a photo of Donald Trump, Epstein, and Belgian model, Ingrid Seynhaeve, who the blogger falsely identified as Jenkins. 

Diana Jenkins

Diana’s attorneys alleged that the tweet, which was later deleted, accused their client of acting as a madam tied to “celebrity prostitution,” insinuating that she had “spent a LOT of time with Jeffrey Epstein.”  

Diana claimed that she received death threats after the blogger posted the explosive allegations.

Diana Jenkins 

Her lawyer described Diana’s personal story in the documents, writing — “She escaped Bosnia as a refugee, leaving her family behind and starting over in London. She supported herself by working multiple jobs, graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Science in computer science and business.”

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The attorney explained that Jenkins became a wife, mother, entrepreneur and philanthropist before landing on a Bravo reality show. 

Ms. Jenkins is many things, but she is not the person Enty Lawyer has cast her to be. She is not a sex trafficker, a madam, or a criminal.”


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