‘RHONJ’ Star Jennifer Aydin Shares Her Side of Danielle Fight

RHONJ's Jennifer Aydin Accuses Danielle Cabral of Telling a "Bold-Faced Lie" and Trying to Spin the Narrative as She Shares Her Side of Story on What Led to Fight, See Her Posts

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Jennifer Aydin is breaking her silence on her fight with Danielle Cabral, explaining what really happened with her hairdresser.

Speaking out just days after their fight scene aired on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer, 47, told her side of the story regarding the conversation she and Danielle, 38, had about Danielle’s hairdresser, Marissa, which led her to push Danielle — and led Danielle to fire back by hitting Jennifer in the head with a cup.

“I never not did it for the money. When Marissa asked me to be a model for what I thought was a master class, I did not hesitate to say yes, never even thinking about money. Ask her,” Jennifer began in a comment, shared in a series of screenshots from Joy Rosenberg on Instagram. “It was when Danielle called me to see if I was ‘getting paid’ that she informed me that it was actually a photo shoot to be put on her website to sell her extensions. That’s a lot different.”

“First off, I don’t even wear permanent extensions. I only wear clip ins as needed. Secondly, I already have a go-to hairstylist that may one day want me for her own website, which would make sense since she does my hair all the time. And she knows I wouldn’t even think about charging her,” she continued.

According to Jennifer, Ashley Raibick is her regular hairdresser, and Marissa has only done her hair once. And after she did so, Jennifer paid Marissa and posted about her on social media.

“I do half my sh*t for free … because money is not my driving force,” Jennifer added. “I didn’t want to be on another person’s website that’s not my go-to person. But if you ever do give that Master Class Marissa, and you need a model, I’m your girl … And I would never charge you. I would hope that you can make money with me promoting you so that we may all rise together. As it should be.”

RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Explains Danielle Cabral Convo That Led to Fight

In another series of messages, Jennifer clarified that Danielle didn’t call her to talk about her own stylist, Ashley, or to give her a heads-up about not being paid by Marissa for her potential participation.

“What she said about it being a ‘heads up’ call is a bold faced lie and a narrative trying to be spun,” Jennifer alleged. “She called to complain about not being paid.”

Jennifer went on to say that while a one-and-done MasterClass would’ve been something she’d do, she felt that Marissa’s website should have Marissa’s clients.

“What’s-her-face called me up to ask about doing ‘this thing with Marsissa.’ She asks, ‘Is she paying you?’ I say, ‘No. Why Is she paying you?’ She says, ‘No.’ Then I say, ‘Ok — so what’s the problem?’ Then she says, ‘She’s gonna have [three] major housewives on her website…’” Jennifer explained.

Jennifer went on to say that Marissa does Danielle’s extensions for free while Danielle “pays” her by promoting her on social media.

“It was hard to understand what had happened. And there’s actually more that she said that gave the ick — everyone who knows the whole story, knows,” Jennifer concluded. “[Danielle’s] head turned into the Jolly Green Giant by the end of that phone call! That ain’t my cup-a-tea. Ashley was the furthest thing from her mind. Good way to spin it though.”

RHONJ Jennifer Aydin Explains Side of Danielle Cabral Fight

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