Rihanna Made the Big Chop and Her Natural Curls Are Thriving — See Photos

Nothing speaks volumes about a celebrity beauty brand — especially a celebrity hair brand — quite like seeing the results on the celebrity themselves. And that seems to be exactly what Rihanna is doing with the launch of the much anticipated Fenty Hair. The superstar, who has been wearing her hair super-duper long lately, celebrated the launch of the latest branch of her beauty empire by making the big chop and letting us see just how gorgeous her natural curls are growing out.

The big chop, for those who may not know, is when someone cuts off all or most of their hair into a short style to embrace their natural texture and grow it in the healthiest state possible. It’s the hair equivalent of going back to factory settings, if you will. And it’s definitely a rare sight on Rihanna. Yes, we saw a pixie cut on Rihanna just a few days ago when the Fenty Hair announcement was blasted out on social media, but an actual big chop just hits different.

Rihanna arrived at Fenty Hair’s Los Angeles launch party wearing a burgundy leather ensemble and layered necklaces decked out in giant matching gems. And there, atop a face glowing in warm-toned Fenty Beauty makeup, were her natural curls. The super-short style showed off perfectly formed, tight ringlets in a golden bronde color.

Rihanna closeup with short curly hair

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