Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder new show helped mend their ‘broken hearts’

Rylan Clark and Rob Rinder, who are starring in Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour, have admitted the show has helped heal their broken hearts.

The BBC Two series watches the pair embark on a tour of Italy and retrace the steps of the Grand Tourists of the past.

Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark smiling
The pair star in their own BBC Two show, Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour (Credit: BBC)

Rylan and Rob show

Rylan married former Big Brother contestant Dan Neal in 2015. After six years of marriage, they announced they were divorcing in 2021. Admitting it sent him into a “downward spiral,” Rylan also took time off work.

“I tried to finish myself off, I didn’t eat. I went down to 9 stone (57kg). I’m 6ft 4in (1.9m), I looked horrendous,” he said on the show.

Rob also recently went through a divorce. After being with his partner, barrister Seth Cumming, for 11 years, they announced their split four years into their marriage in 2018.

“This trip is part of my restart in life. We’ve both been through painful divorces recently and are ready for the next chapter,” Rylan revealed to BBC.

Rob admitted that filming the show allowed him to live in the moment instead of living in his head.

“Recently, I went on a date and I thought it had gone rather well, and he said, ‘Well I did rather feel like I was being cross-examined’,” he said.

“I’m one of life’s great overthinkers, it stops me doing everything. It stops me finding joy, it stops me taking risks.”

Rob Rinder and Rylan Clark smiling
The trip impacted both Rylan and Rob on a personal level (Credit: BBC)

Rylan Clark news

Rylan confessed that growing up, he wanted to be an architect. And by filming the show, it has given him the opportunity to revisit that passion.

Admitting he has “no limits now,” Rylan insisted that “nothing fazes me” and that he is “willing to try anything – or anyone”.

At age 35, Rylan stated he is “young enough to start again when it comes down to my personal life”.

The show has also impacted Rob on a personal level.

“I feel like I’ve learnt living life can’t just be in books, it’s got to be real,” he said. “You can’t write about love, or paint about it, unless you’ve done it.”

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Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour starts on Sunday (May 12) on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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