Scheana Shay Slams Jax Over “Disgusting” Parenting Comment

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Slams Jax for "Disgusting" Comment About Her Parenting, Threatens Him With "Truth," and Reacts to His "Scripted" Claims, Plus Dealing With Criticism

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Scheana Shay clapped back at Jax Taylor on Friday’s episode of her podcast after hearing that he made a “disgusting” comment about her parenting.

Before reacting to his suggestion that Vanderpump Rules is “scripted” and sharing how she deals with criticism online, Scheana, 38, shaded Jax, 41, for his suggestion that she’s an absentee parent as she accused him of indulging in “pasta” and warned that she’s not afraid to tell the “truth.”

“Jax made a disgusting comment about me and was saying some untrue things about [Vanderpump Rules]. But what bothered me the most was… He was at his self-named bar, Jax’s, seemingly drunk, probably had a lot of ‘pasta’ that night to eat, and he said, had the audacity to say that I’m always out partying and leave my child to be raised by my mother,” Scheana shared on the April 12 episode of Scheananigans.

As Pump Rules fans will recall, James Kennedy‘s infamous line from season six (“It’s not about the pasta!”) garnered rumors that “pasta” was the cast’s code word for cocaine.

According to Scheana, she found it ironic that Jax made the comment while sitting at his bar, partying without his three-year-old son, Cruz.

“But [also], it’s just so far from the truth and he should know this,” she continued, starting to cry. “Ninety-five percent of the time when I’m out, it usually is a work thing, and it’s also after I put my kid to bed, and it’s so frustrating because I’m like, ‘Yes, I do do a lot of stuff and I do go out often.’ But I can’t make plans before 9 p.m. and if that means I’m going to be tired the next day, I’m still going to wake up with my kid.’”

Looking back at a recent trip to New York City, Scheana said she had major “mom guilt” leaving her two-year-old daughter Summer Moon in Los Angeles to go see Ariana Madix, 38, on Broadway.

“Then I see that he says, like, ‘Oh, Scheana’s just out in New York’ … ‘Scheana’s gonna be at Coachella,’ because my mom is taking Summer to Cruz’s birthday party this weekend because I’ll be at Coachella working. It just really upset me,” Scheana went on.

Although she noted that she “[doesn’t] think people [take Jax seriously],” Scheana was highly offended by the comment and is now considering taking further action against him.

“Let’s not throw stones when you live in a glass f*cking house. Okay?” she stated. “If he keeps doing this, I will have no problem telling the truth about him.”

Scheana then reacted to Jax’s “scripted” claim, pointing out that he filmed for season 11.

“Saying Vanderpump Rules is scripted? ‘I’m on next week! Scripted!’ I wish it was true. I wish I could say, ‘Oh no, that was in the script.’ Are you kidding me?” she asked.

As for how she handles online trolls, Scheana said she tries to stay out of the comment section as much as possible.

“If someone sends me something funny, I may look at either what was before or after that and respond to a couple things, but I genuinely am trying to stay off it because it hasn’t been the most positive and supportive [experience],” she shared. “[But] I like to be in on the joke.”

“I’m also writing a couple new songs right now and one of them … I’m just like, ‘You know what? I can take what you’ve said, turn it into a bop, and then flip the script,’” she added.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo, followed by The Valley season one at 9/8c.

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