Shannon Beador Shares Shocking Image Of Bloody Injury From DUI Accident – And Reveals What Led Up To Car Crash!

Shannon Beador got a scary injury during her DUI car accident!

As Perezcious readers will remember, in September 2023, the Bravo personality drove into a house in Newport Beach before speeding off and parking in the middle of the road, where she got out of the car and tried but failed to act cool by walking her dog. Obviously, cops quickly scooped her up. She was charged with driving under the influence and hit-and-run, and then she was later sentenced to three years of probation, 40 hours of community service, and a nine-month alcohol rehabilitation program.

This incident will now seemingly be a huge storyline on the upcoming season of the Real Housewives of Orange County since a new preview of the season premiere (which will air on Thursday) features a ton of gossip about Shannon and her rumored RHOC-reunion/”>drinking problem!

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In the trailer, the reality star can be seen after the incident sitting down with her pal Heather Dubrow to recount the scary ordeal. Shannon claimed she was at her ex-boyfriend John Janssen‘s house right before the hit-and-run. They got into an argument and he called her a “drunken idiot,” causing her to leave in a hurry. She admitted:

“I got in the car, lost control.”

In another sneak peek, she added that John warned her not to get into her car, but she didn’t listen. She explained:

“I got in an accident seconds later because I revved up the engine so he could know how mad I was, and I lost control of the car. Immediately.”

Is she trying to blame him for some of this?! Not the best look!

Back to the first teaser, Shannon took out her phone to show Heather a picture of her bloody face after the car crash. OMG! We knew from sightings after the accident that she’d possibly gotten hurt, but this new image paints a really harrowing picture! In the image, the 60-year-old can be seen with a bloody and bruised eye, and with blood streaming down her face and neck. Look!

Shannon Beador Reveals Shocking Bloody Injury After DUI Accident – And Reveals What Led To Car Crash!
(c) Tamra Judge/Bravo/X (Twitter)


Shocked at the sight of the photo, Heather put her hand over her face and exclaimed:

“Oh, Shannon! Oh my God!”

We feel the same way! Based on that pic, Shannon is lucky that this wasn’t worse! Yeesh!!

Elsewhere in the trailer, several co-stars discussed Shannon’s relationship with alcohol. At one point, Shannon told Emily Simpson that she’s now a “two drink max person” and insisted that she doesn’t drink “that often” when asked if she’d ever go sober.

During another convo, Tamra Judge asked Heather if she believed Shannon “has, like, an alcohol problem.” Dubrow didn’t hesitate to reply:

“Yeah, I do.”

Things then got REALLY heated during a group dinner when Shannon emotionally told everyone that she thinks “about what happened” every morning. Tamra then sassily quipped:

“Is that after you have a drink?”


In a teary-eyed confessional, the mother of three complained:

“I’m done with people saying I’m the drunk that needs help, because I am not. I had a really bad night. I want to walk out right now, because I’m ruining my makeup, so I gotta walk out.”

Whoa. Seems like she’s going to be in the hot seat this whole season!! Check out the teaser (below)!

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