Shereé Whitfield’s Granddaughter Mecca’s RHOA Cameos: Photos

UPDATED (June 13, 10:42 A.M.): Kairo; his girlfriend, Alina; and their daughter, Mecca, made a joint appearance on Episode 6 of Season 15 of RHOA, which aired June 11. They hung out with Shereé and did a sweet craft that involved putting the outline of Mecca’s hand onto an ornament. In a confessional, Shereé also opened up about how she first found out Kairo was going to be a dad. 

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“Kairo walks in and he’s just standing there, and I’m like, ‘What’s up?’ and then he finally said, ‘I have a baby on the way,'” she recalled. “Alina was already four months pregnant, and so I totally felt like I was behind preparing for the baby. I don’t even think it really, really resonated or hit me yet.”

Reflecting on how far Kairo’s come, Shereé continued, “He is so hands-on and I love it that I raised him to be that type of person. Even though when he first told me, I didn’t feel like he was ready, his actions are showing me that he’s more than ready to be a dad. Kairo is doing amazing. He really is.”

Alina shared a similar sentiment, telling Shereé that Kairo is “so quick to drop everything and tend to Mecca.”

“And I love seeing that,” she added.

UPDATED (May 15, 10:37 A.M.): Shereé further opened up about being a “glamma” in an interview with PEOPLE. “It’s been so special to have her in our family, and it gets more and more special every day as I watch her grow,” she said. “Just seeing the person she’s becoming, the way she reacts to me, the bond we’re building… it’s just so cool. I love playing with her, reading to her, taking to the park. And it’s funny because then I get say, ‘Here you go, I’m tired now’ and hand her back. That’s new for me!”

Shereé also revealed that her granddaughter’s name, Mecca Joie, has a special significance. “Kairo came up with the name, it means the center of his world,” Shereé explained. “He wanted something unique and something that had a meaning and meant something to him! So he picked Mecca because Mecca is the center of the world and his daughter is the center of his world.”

As for Joie, Shereé added that it’s French for joy. “Not only is Mecca the center of his world, but she’s the center of his joy,” she said. “It’s even more awesome.”

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The new man in Shereé Whitfield‘s life, Martell Holt, made his Real Housewives of Atlanta debut on the Season 15 premiere. Then, on May 14’s Episode 2, Shereé introduced yet another new face to fans: her granddaughter, Mecca Joie.

ICYMI, Shereé’s son, Kairo Whitfield, recently welcomed a baby girl into the family, officially making his mom a grandma — or, as she prefers to be called, a “glamma.” 

As Shereé told Sanya Richards-Ross on the latest RHOA episode, “I am so loving being a glamma. It’s different, of course, [from] raising your kids, but being a grandmother — or being a glamma — is such an amazing experience.”

Shereé continued to gush about her granddaughter in a confessional interview as photos of the little one appeared on-screen. “She is so precious. She’s so beautiful,” she said. “She’s always been a good baby from the day Kairo brought her home. And she has completely won my heart.”

Kairo’s daughter has of course won his heart as well, and as Shereé previously revealed in an interview with Essence, fans will get to see his fatherhood journey on this season of RHOA

“You know, you guys saw Kairo when I think we first got on the show. He was maybe 8 or 10 or something like that. And here we are, Kairo’s a dad, and he’s a great dad, and I’m so proud of him for that,” Shereé explained before once again gushing about her granddaughter. “I didn’t plan on being a Glamma this early, but I’m so, so happy she’s here. I mean, me and my family have always been very close and loving, but she brings another element of love and closeness to my family. She is incredible. I mean, she’s growing so fast and I can’t wait. She’s going to be my little partner. That’s what I’m going to call her. We going to run these streets. I cannot wait.”

“I can’t even explain,” she continued. “People say when you have a grandbaby that it’s even more special than your children. You put a little more into it. And I did not believe that, [but] she can’t do no wrong by me, probably because I get to send her back every now and then. But she can’t do no wrong. She’s amazing. She’s incredible.”

Teasing what else is to come on RHOA Season 15, Shereé added, “You’ll also see me, of course, working on She by Shereé. It doesn’t stop because I launched a fashion show, but it’s still so much to be done and me trying to branch out to other areas because I’ve always wanted it to be a lifestyle brand. You’ll see me working on that. You’ll see me just trying to get help because I can’t be a one-woman show. It’s been difficult for me, but I never gave up. You’ll also see the dynamics between me and the girls. I may show every emotion, but I think some of the other girls will show so many different emotions. We got your highs, your lows. We’re crying, we’re laughing. It’s just so many different facets to Season 15.”

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