Shop the Coquette Core Trend For Your Home

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Fresh off my latest binge of “Bridgerton” season 3, I’ve got one thing on my mind: coquette style. And if the 1.3 billion views of the trend on TikTok are any indicator of what’s hot right now, I seem to be far from alone in my obsession.

The Oxford Dictionary defines coquette as “a woman who flirts,” but in the context of social media, the hyper-feminine trend has adopted a much more playful meaning. Rooted in ultraromantic designs and frilly pieces that pay homage to Regency-era style, the coquette aesthetic is made to feel (and look!) like a confectionary dream — seductive, flirtatious, and unapologetically camp. It’s a sharp departure from recent popular cores, much softer than the dark academia trend and more maximalist than the quiet-luxury or coastal-grandmother fad.

But what does it mean to actually embrace the coquette aesthetic? Is it as simple as donning a couple ribbons or shopping out curtains with dainty floral motifs? After a deep dive down the coquette rabbit hole (and a couple shameless rewatches of Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”), I’ve got answers to the internet’s most asked questions about the core — and a few recommendations for where to shop the trend online.

How to Shop the Coquette Aesthetic

Despite what TikTok would have you believe, the coquette trend is actually designed to stretch far beyond your wardrobe. Case in point: coquette home decor, which blends the pastel-doused imagery of “Bridgerton” with a kittenish modernity — imagine if Lana Del Rey and Penelope Featherington were roommates (aka the alternate universe of our dreams). The design aesthetic is heavy on lacy bows, soft pinks, and vintage patterns like toile.

And while the core might mirror the vibe of an aristocrat, it’s actually surprisingly easy to replicate — especially if you know where to shop. Ahead, I rounded up the best coquette decor you can stock up on now from retailers like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Amazon, among others.

From a pumpkin chandelier and scalloped plates to a ruffled quilt and heart-shaped vanity mirror, these products are sure to infuse a welcomed dose of coquette into your life — and more importantly, into your home. Keep reading for my complete coquette-core guide.

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