Siggy Flicker Drags ‘Toxic’ Margaret Josephs

Margaret Josephs.

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Margaret Josephs dragged by former RHONJ star.

Aformer “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star made an appearance on a podcast and talked about what’s going on in Jersey in 2023.

On the June 26, 2023, episode of the “AllAboutTRH” podcast, Siggy Flicker shared her take on all things Jersey — including Margaret Josephs — and she didn’t hold back.

“Margaret Josephs…is the most toxic, not easy on the eyes,” Flicker said. “The way we describe her is she looks like a roast beef sandwich that’s been sitting in the sun for 18 hours,” she added. A few minutes later, she said Josephs “drained her” during filming.

Here’s what you need to know:

Siggy Flicker Defended Teresa Giudice

Flicker says that she’s been contacted quite a bit to talk about what has transpired on the franchise but had chosen not to do so because she wanted to move on from the show. However, she did agree to do the “AllAboutTRH” podcast.

“The reason why I’m deciding to speak today is because it’s not fair what they are doing to Teresa Giudice. It is not fair. And all the people who see one side of Teresa and they think they know her… let me just tell you something. You watch Jersey because Jersey is Teresa Giudice,” Flicker said.

Flicker also said that she was brought on RHONJ because producers wanted her to go up against Giudice — but she refused. “They play favorites and they protect, especially, Margaret,” she said. Flicker explained that producers love Josephs “because she will go into the dark places where no one dares.”

And it seems as though Giudice agrees. On a January 2023 RHOBH-exit-jen-shah-prison-sentence/id1638991085?i=1000593697169″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener external”>episode of the “Namaste B$tches” podcast, Giudice compared “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna to Josephs.

“I’ve never seen somebody so messy and so involved and so toxic. She’s behind a lot of the stuff that’s going on in our show. And I just hope the truth does come out,” Giudice said. “It’s like, ‘Are you serious? You need to get a life.’ She’s very messy, very dirty, like trying to hurt people’s families, like what she did to Jennifer and Bill,” Giudice added, referring to her co-star and friend Jennifer Aydin and her husband when Josephs outed an affair that Bill Aydin had when his kids were younger.

Siggy Flicker Says She Was ‘Never Friends With Margaret Josephs’

On the “AllAboutTRH” podcast, Flicker cleared up a rumor that she brought Josephs on the show. “When producers were like, ‘we’re going with the storyline that you brought her on the show,’ I was like, ‘b**** has never been in my kitchen,’” Flicker explained.

“I never ever, ever, ever, ever was friends with Margaret Josephs,” Flicker said, adding that Josephs has never been inside her house. “That was all production’s lie,” she claimed, later adding that there was something on “day one” with Josephs that she “just did not mesh with.”

Flicker was a full-time cast member on RHONJ for seasons 7 and 8. In May 2022, Josephs talked about her first season on the show and the moment she called Flicker “Soggy Flicker,” which she didn’t think was a “big deal.”

In an interview with “Housewife to Housewife,” Josephs says that she didn’t really apologize to Flicker but told her that she “didn’t mean to hurt [her] to the core.” As fans who watched the season know, the comment stayed with Flicker throughout the season and she often brought it up. It seemed very clear, at that time, that the two women would never become friends after that.

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