‘Summer House’ Star Expecting First Child with New Boyfriend

Lindsay Hubbard Announces Pregnancy: ‘Summer House’ Star Expecting First Child with New Boyfriend

Lindsay Hubbard, known for her role on Summer House, has shared exciting news about her personal life.

Lindsay Hubbard

The reality TV star is expecting her first child, as revealed in a special Instagram post in partnership with Clearblue on July 4.

Lindsay, 37, is currently in a relationship with a man she has chosen not to name publicly.

Lindsay Hubbard

During the Summer House season 8 reunion in June, she expressed her happiness with her new partner, stating, “We actually went on a few dates three and a half years ago. It was just bad timing back then for him and for me and then he kinda popped back up in December and we started dating in January.”

The relationship seems to be serious, with Hubbard noting, “I would say it’s tracking in the pretty serious direction. He’s been a great support.”

Lindsay Hubbard

This new chapter in her life comes after a turbulent period with her former fiancé, Carl Radke. The couple, who got engaged in August 2022, called off their engagement and subsequent wedding plans in Mexico scheduled for November 2023.

The breakup occurred after a summer filled with personal and professional disagreements.

Lindsay Hubbard

Despite these challenges, Hubbard has stayed focused on the future, channeling her energy into launching a new business and engaging in philanthropic efforts, such as selling her wedding dresses for charity.

She shared with PEOPLE earlier this year, “I think after everything was said and done, after last year, I thought my future in life was going to go one very different direction for this year. Then, when it didn’t, I decided to focus on my own individual successes and what I deem as a personal success in my life. That was okay.”

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay has always been open about her desire to start a family.

In 2022, she shared her journey of freezing her eggs on Instagram, discussing her decision during a Summer House episode:

Lindsay Hubbard

“I’ve been thinking and talking about freezing my eggs for awhile. I settled in the past and I was forcing something because I was up against my own timeline. If I could just stop the biological clock and eliminate that as part of my process of choosing a partner, then maybe I can find somebody who is actually meant for me.”

Despite previous setbacks, including a miscarriage she suffered while dating Winter House co-star Jason Cameron, Hubbard’s determination to become a mother has never waned.

Lindsay Hubbard

She recounted the heart-wrenching experience: “I found out on a Monday I was pregnant, and by Tuesday I was having a miscarriage and by Wednesday I was in the emergency room for five hours. It all happened so quickly that I wasn’t able to even emotionally wrap my mind around the pregnancy portion of it before I was having a miscarriage.”

Through it all, Lindsay’s resilience shines through as she prepares for this exciting new chapter in her life as a soon-to-be mother.


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