Tamra Judge Opens Up About Adopting New Dog: Details

We have some big news to report. Tamra Judge is ready to expand her family.The Real Housewives of Orange County” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”4b2ba672-b574-4c56-ad52-52dc316a83f1″ href=”https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-orange-county” title=”The Real Housewives of Orange County“> The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member revealed as much when she confirmed that she’s about to adopt a dog a year after RHOC-tamra-judges-dog-bronx-has-passed-away”>her longtime canine companion, Bronx, passed away.

Tamra opens up about adopting a new dog

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This week, Tamra shared a photo of Eddie Judge meeting their family’s new furry friend, a little black dog who looks like he’s already Eddie’s BFF and has a fondness for toys as well.

She captioned the photo posted to her Instagram Stories: “July 4th will be one year without Bronx. We are finally ready for another dog. So, today we went to the shelter and look at this cutie. He couldn’t be any more perfect. Can’t wait to bring you home on Monday.”

Meet Tamra’s Growing (Pet) Family

Earlier this year, Tamra reflected on the loss of Bronx in a video (at the top of this post) in which she also revealed that they had RHOC-tamra-judge-discusses-the-newest-member-of-her-family”>welcomed a feline into their family, sharing with BravoTV.com, “And now we have a little kitten named Jasper.”

Well, Jasper is about to have a furry sibling. Check out a photo of the new pooch, below.

Tamra opens up about the passing of Bronx

In July 2022, Tamra posted a series of social media posts RHOC-tamra-judges-dog-bronx-has-passed-away”>following the loss of her beloved pet. “It’s not been an easy day today. Our big boy Bronx is in so much pain, it’s time to let him go and be in peace,” Tamra tweeted on July 3, 2022, alongside pictures of Bronx. “I don’t know how we are going to get through this. Tomorrow at 8am, we say our final goodbyes to Bronxy Boy.”

The following day, Tamra shared on Twitter that Bronx had passed away. “Rest In Paradise, Bronxy Boy,” she wrote in her July 4 post, which featured a heartwarming family photo with Bronx. “You’ll forever be [a part] of our family and in our hearts forever. 2009 – 2022.”

Tamra also shared a photo of Bronx on her Instagram, adding, “Goodnight sweet Boy. We had 13 amazing years with big boy Bronx[.] Our lives will never be the same without you, buddy. Rest In Paradise.”

She also noted that the loss was a huge change for her whole family. “[Eddie Judge], you were the best doggy dad until the very end.”

Eddie shared his own tribute to Bronx on Instagram, writing, “Not much else I can say… RIP Bronx. Thank you for all the condolences. There is definitely a big hole in my heart but time will help me heal. I never imagined the pain I felt when he took his last breaths. Now I know.”


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