Teacher Who Went Viral For Having Students Take Out His Braids Agrees The Act Was Unprofessional [Video]

The educator who went viral for allowing his students to take out his hair in class is speaking out.

Marquis White, who goes by JaQ Lee online, was reassigned after the video divided the internet.  Many believed his allowing his female students to take down his hair was inappropriate, while others viewed his actions as innocent.  In a lengthy video titled “Teacher JaQ Lee Comes Clean,” he admitted that the act was inappropriate but believed he had good reasons to let his students help him with his hair during the last few minutes of class. 

“I agree, it was unprofessional. I’m not negating that,” he said before adding, “I am what you call an unprofessional, eclectic, unconventional teacher.”

White said he had to rush to his braid appointment after leaving work, so he let the kids help him. Defending his actions, White questioned how he could drive his car and simultaneously take out his hair.

“I’ve never done that before. I needed help. I was in a bind. I didn’t have the time to take out my hair. I had to go to my hair appointment immediately after school…I can’t drive and take my hair out at the same time.”

The teacher later added that he emphasizes personal space within the classroom, which was another subject of debate.

“I do have personal space boundaries. My students know they can’t just be all up on me, all around me,” White stated, further explaining that he has “forbidden zones” in his classroom, which students are not permitted to enter. 

One rumor that he was cleared up was his professional status. Despite the rumors that he’d been fired, White shared that he was still a teacher. 


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