Teresa Giudice Calls Out RHONJ Co-Star’s Lies

Teresa Giudice is calling out the lies being spread about her and husband, Louie Ruelas, by co-stars Margaret Josephs and John Fuda!

Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Teresa Giudice sat down with Extra‘s Billy Bush to discuss the lies being perpetuated by her co-stars Margaret Josephs and John Fuda.

“In in the [RHONJ season 14] super tease that I watched, there was a little problem with Louie. Louie might have did he do something with the money that weren’t happy about?” Billy Bush asked Teresa Giudice.

The 51-year-old RHONJ star denied that her husband has ever touched any of her money and insists that it’s just a lie being put out there by Margaret to make Louie look bad.

Margaret Josephs poses for photo with gold hoop earrings and nude v-neck top; Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas cuddle up to each other for photo on date night
RHONJ stars Margaret Josephs, Louie Ruelas, and Teresa Giudice
“No. He doesn't touch my money. That's so funny. That's another lie that Margaret's putting out there,” Teresa Giudice told the Extra TV host, who followed up his first question by asking, “So Is there any kind of problem with it, you can open it up a little bit. You're safe here with Uncle Bush.”
 “My money is my money and Louie's money is my money. You know, that's Yes. I mean, he doesn't even know how much I make. He doesn't even touch very much. She's so pathetic,” the mom of four said. “I mean, her actions are pathetic. You know.”

“What is the deal with Margaret? There’s so much bitterness with Margaret,” Billy asks.

“Well, she puts out these lies. She has no story line. So she's obsessed with me and Louie and she keeps putting out these lies out there. Which is fine, she wants to make me her story line. It's okay,” Teresa explained. 
Billy then asked Teresa Giudice about John Fuda calling her a “has been” as left Jennifer Fessler’s birthday party in episode one of season 14. 
“Let me tell you, like, I was already out the door. I never even heard him say that. And please, I've been here,” she said of co-star Rachel Fuda’s husband, John. 
She continued, “He's another one that put another lie out there. Now he's probably kicking himself in the foot, like, in the ass or wherever he wants to kick himself. Like, he's the one that opened up the can of worms and now they're all over. They're, like, eating him up alive.” 
John Fuda claims that he is Teresa Giudice's only storyline on RHONJ.
John Fuda claims that he is Teresa Giudice’s only storyline on RHONJ.
Teresa Giudice also insists that Louie tried to make things good with John despite him putting lies out there about him. 
“Louie tried to do the right thing. Louie tried to say listen, let's get together before this birthday party where we're all gonna reunite. We haven't seen each other since the chaos of New York and let's get together, you and me clear the air and then we can all go to the party. It'd be nice. He said, no, see you at the party,” Teresa noted. 
“He put a lie out there about my husband. And do you remember how he brought the envelope to the reunion? But he never took anything out of it.”

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