Teresa Giudice Trolled on Instagram After Posting Filtered Photos

Not to be too dramatic, but grasping mortality is a hard thing to do. Every day, everyone gets a little older, and that’s hard to come to terms with. Many people attempt to capture their youth, especially those who make a living off of their image.

Teresa Giudice is no exception. She financially relies on Real Housewives of New Jersey, on top of other image-associated business ventures. Being on TV for so long would make just about anyone obsessed with the way they look. The unfortunate thing is, societal expectations sort of demand that people on TV look a certain way, and it’s easy to see how that affects certain reality stars.

Most people who appear on reality TV are going to be criticized and bullied no matter what, so it’s no wonder that so many become concerned with their appearance. Unfortunately, that manifests in attempts to capture youth that garner even more criticism. It’s a vicious cycle. And if Teresa wasn’t always familiar with it, she must be now.

Teresa gets dragged hard on IG

Teresa posted a four-photo series to her Instagram on June 26, chronicling her trip to Florida with her husband, Luis Ruelas. She captioned the photoset with “Had an amazing time in Tampa with some of my favorite people.” But immediately, users noticed something was a little off about the pictures.

As one commenter put it, “Is it just me or does she look photoshopped into some of the pictures?” Teresa stood out in the photos, and not in the way she might’ve hoped. Another commenter simply said, “Way too much filtering,” with another writing, “Is there anything real about her?” Luis drew criticism alongside Teresa with one user writing, “Look like wax people!”

Many comments took shots at the couple for issues aside from potential filtering, like parenting, finances, and their relationship with Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga. It was difficult to find any comments defending Teresa, but one read, “Melissa paying for bots to hate on you. Stay in your love bubble and keep killing it xoxo.”


Here we go again.

Teresa Giudice

Is a return for Season 14 in the cards for Teresa?

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Tammy Sue fires another shot at Tre.

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