The GOAT Episode 2 Recap: You Made Your Bed

Welcome back to another episode recap of The GOAT. Episode 1 introduced watchers to some of the most entertaining reality stars from TV’s hottest shows, including Survivor, The Bachelor, and Netflix’s Love Is Blind, to see who has what it takes to win the gold and be crowned the greatest reality star of all time. At the end of the night, Joey, winner of The Circle Season 1, was sent packing after a tied vote forced Tayshia to be the tie-breaker. During this episode, things begin to heat up as people start recognizing how the game is being played. Will there be another blindside? Here’s everything that went down on The GOAT Season 1, Episode 2: GOAT Blowback. 

Who is The GOAT in Episode 2? 

CJ Franco was named The GOAT in Season 1, Episode 2.

For this week’s challenge, the cast members had to get down and dirty. The competition featured a series of questions about pop culture and reality TV. If they knew the answer, they could write it down. If they didn’t know, the players had to climb through the mud under a structure to look at a list of three answers. From there, they had to crawl back, write down their answer, and wait for host Daniel Tosh to confirm if it was right or wrong. As Justin said, it’s a good thing nobody put their good wigs on!

The questions were about the Real Housewives franchise, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, and … chess. After several rounds, it came down to Da’Vonne, Kristen, CJ, and Jason, where CJ snagged the victory. 

The elimination challenge details… 

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Since CJ won this week’s GOAT challenge, she had to decide the teams for this week’s elimination challenge. She chose Paola, Justin, Da’Vonne, Joe, and Tayshia to be on her team, meaning the remaining players would form the second team. Oh, and Kristen had to sit out because there were too many players. 

For this challenge, Tosh told them they were running a Bravo-themed relay race in three parts. Part one featured the contestants flipping a table Teresa Giudice-style until it landed right-side-up. Next, two players had to throw silverware into a bus tub, like Kristen during her Vanderpump Rules day. Then, players had to compete like they were on Below Deck by dragging a floating buoy in from the pool with a life-saving throw ring. 

The purple team was in the lead until the second part of the relay race. Da’Vonne and Tayshia were inconsistent with the silverware throwing, whereas Teck and Jason looked like LeBron James tossing theirs in the bus sub left and right. 

Eventually, team orange (Jason and Teck’s team) made it to part three, where Wendell and Jill were waiting to toss their flotation devices. They must’ve been in sync because, after a few throws, they secured the win and their safety. 

Who went home in The GOAT Episode 2? 

Tayshia Adams was the second reality star eliminated from The GOAT Season 1.

Before the cast went to lock in their votes, they discussed who would be the best choice to send home. The girls had already formed an all-girls alliance, which meant Joe was the prime candidate to go home. However, Tayshia felt bad about possibly blindsiding a friend. It’s not like we’re playing a competition show called The GOAT or anything like that. Sure, play with your feelings and see how far that gets you. 

So, Tayshia, leading with her heart, ran to tell Joe that the girls had an alliance and she didn’t know what to do. Girl, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And to make things worse, Tayshia then told the rest of the girls whom she’s supposed to be working with that she told Joe about their alliance. Whew. Leave the love show peeps off of Season 2. Please. 

Joe, of course, took the information and ran with it. And I’m not mad at him. He had to save himself. After talking with Tayshia, he made sure the rest of the girls knew that she was the bigger target. However, it didn’t really matter because the rest of the girls already knew she betrayed them. Good luck getting yourself out of this one, Tayshia. 

During the elimination ceremony, Tosh read the votes. With a vote of 10 to three, Tayshia was the reality star sent home, and it was all her fault. Bye, sis. 

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