The Valley’s Brittany Talks Jax Being “Different” Off-Camera

Brittany Cartwright Discusses Jax Taylor Being "Different" Off-Camera, Admits They "Wanted" to Date Amid Split & Claims She Was "Pushed" to Separate, Plus Their Emotional Finale Breakup Convo

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Brittany Cartwright is opening up about her separation from Jax Taylor, confirming that the two of them agreed that it was okay to date other people.

Following the finale episode of The Valley on Tuesday, Brittany, 35, offered an update on where they stand as she explained how Jax, 44, has been different on-camera and revealed her most and least favorite moments from the Vanderpump Rules spinoff.

“We’re definitely still separated. We said going into this that we could test the water with other people if we wanted to … That’s what we wanted to do. It’s obviously hurtful to see things and have to go through this so publicly but at the same time, as you see in the finale, I was pushed to this decision,” she told E! News on June 4. “I would never want to do all this and have all this going on in my life if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.”

After Brittany was then reminded of her claim that Jax is “different” when cameras are around and asked if that’s always been the case, Brittany admitted that Jax isn’t “always” that way before shading his disingenuous behavior on the show.

“It was a big deal that I found out he had made an appointment the day before we picked up cameras. That wasn’t genuine,” she stated. “I was like, ‘This isn’t genuine.’ And it didn’t happen. Now, a lot of time has passed, yet again. And he is working on himself in different ways but still, I knew he wasn’t going to the doctor like he said in the episode and I was right.”

Also during the interview, Brittany was asked about her rose and thorn of The Valley‘s debut season.

“My Valley high is definitely showing Cruz, the light of my life, the best thing in my life. He’s the cutest thing ever. Come on. Low is definitely tonight … but also, maybe that can be my high too,” she confessed. “I feel like I was very strong and I came out and I spoke my mind and I was not gonna let anybody tell a story that wasn’t true. I guess the low would be my relationship.”

During Tuesday night’s finale of The Valley season one, which was filmed six months after the season initially wrapped to capture the moments that followed Brittany and Jax’s separation, Brittany and Jax sat down to discuss the reason behind their breakup.

“Something is wrong up here … I need some help. I’ve got a lot of demons, a lot of pent-up aggression and I just usually just put it inside and I don’t talk about it until something happens and then I take out my meanness on you about stuff that I’m angry about, which is not okay,” Jax admitted.

“And that sucks, right? That I had to move out for you to realize that you could actually lose me for the way you treated me?” Brittany replied.

After Jax then suggested that it’s hard for him to ask for help and suggested that he tends to bury his emotions, Brittany interjected.

“I bury my emotions. You let your emotions out in a very aggressive way,” she stated.

The couple was then seen speaking to the cameras in separate confessionals.

“It’s been an amazing nine years. It really has. I have no regrets. I love Brittany. I love my wife. I really do. The only thing that’s gonna make or break this is time,” Jax shared.

Meanwhile, Brittany added, “I know that I have put up a lot with what Jax has put me through but I wouldn’t have Cruz if I would’ve gotten rid of him a long time ago.”

“I just think that now that I have Cruz and have woken up from the situation, I just feel like for his sake and for my mental health, I just can’t stay here anymore,” she added.

The Valley season two is expected to go into production sometime later this year.

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