These zodiac signs are most likely to renovate behind your back

Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, new flooring, crown molding or a sex swing installation, many of us are called to improve our homes using our two hands. Driven by impatience or ire, some do so without consulting or getting the consent of their partners.

Magnet Trade’s new study of US homeowners found that nearly one in three (26%) had undertaken a home renovation project without their partner’s consent. Researchers further analyzed the zodiac signs of these homeowners, finding that Taurus, Gemini, and Scorpio were the top offenders for hiding a renovation project from their partners.  

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman is on deck with a hammer in hand and spackle in tow to reveal why these zodiac signs are partial to doing DIY behind their partner’s backs.

Taurus folk aren’t afraid of hard work or deceiving their partners. Jelena –

In a surprise to no one, Taurus — headstrong, hard-working, never compromising, gluttons for beauty that they are — tops the list of zodiac signs most likely to attempt a home improvement project either without a partner’s knowledge or against their wishes.

A fixed earth sign, Taurus rules the second house of values and possessions. These quantifiers tend to make bulls homebodies that view their domiciles as an aesthetic extension of themselves. It’s not a dwelling it is a curated temple to the high art of comfort.

Magnet Trade argues that Taureans deceive their partners about a DIY project to surprise them.

For bulls, the home is not a dwelling, it is a curated temple to the high art of comfort.

I would argue this is a sweet and utterly baseless justification. A bull does what a bull wants to do and doesn’t ask permission because they don’t want to be questioned or thwarted.

Honigman tells The Post, “Those born under the sign of the Bull move forward in their quest for the perfect home, whether or not their partner is on board. So much so that they might not even bother to ask or consult. They enjoy being at home and love having their comforts around them. The value of having a front door that locks the rest of the world outside cannot be overstated for peace-loving Taureans.”

Geminis are impulsive and impatient, qualities that do not lend themselves to DIY collaborations. contrastwerkstatt – stock.adobe.

Represented by the celestial twins, Gemini folk are the second most likely to fail to inform their partner about a DIY project.

As a mutable air sign, Geminis are quick-thinking and fast-acting, often moving at a speed that doesn’t allow for hesitation or outside suggestions. Odds are they’ve already weighed the pros and cons of installing that vaguely pornographic wallpaper or LED dance floor and have henceforth committed to the chaos and consequences.

Geminis are equally likely to ‘forget’ to tell their partner about a DIY project or forget to give a flying f–k about their feelings about it.

The dad who built a Wild West-themed rollercoaster in the backyard? Probable Gemini.

Geminis are equally likely to ‘forget’ to tell their partner about a DIY project or forget to give a flying f–k about their feelings about it.

As Honigman explains, “Geminis don’t like to explain themselves. Those born under the sign of the Twins are spontaneous and will book a trip without telling, quit their jobs on a whim, and will certainly start a renovation project without asking anyone for permission. Making decisions and managing a project without interference brings them joy and a sense of serenity.”

Scorpios live for the sneaky project, and the surprise reveal. Marc Wiegelmann –

Rulers of the eighth house of sex, death, secrets, and other people’s money, Scorpios are notoriously mysterious. Thus, it comes as no surprise that 28% of them admitted to hiding renovations from their partner…and trust, the other 71% are lying.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. As such, these folks are keen to believe they know best and make decisions about decor accordingly. It’s curator bordering on cult leader, and they aren’t big on collaboration or compromise.

Scorpions are also not above siphoning savings from a joint account to make their DIY dreams come true.

Be it planting a goth garden, installing a gargoyle, starting a pet cemetery, or splurging on a baroque chandelier, Scorpio isn’t interested in outside input.

Honigman tells The Post, “Those born under the sign of the Scorpion are individualistic, and their tastes in interiors are niche. They know their partner may object, so they prefer to present the completed project, knowing it will then be too late to go back.”

Insert velvet wallpaper and villainous laughter.

Astrologer Reda Wigle researches and irreverently reports back on planetary configurations and their effect on each zodiac sign. Her horoscopes integrate history, poetry, pop culture, and personal experience.

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