This Housewife is Being Cheated On

According to the Blind Item rumor mill, this East Coast Housewife is being cheated on by her much, much younger boyfriend. Who could it be?

Want some juicy scoop on your favorite reality TV stars?

Well, come a little closer – a little closer …okay…okay, NOT that close.

This tea is piping hot! So pour yourself a cup and come gossip and speculate with us! You know you want to!

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Scandal and gossip.

A new bit of gossip from Crazy Days and Nights claims this Housewife is getting cheated on by her much younger boyfriend.

Blind Item #2:

“Do you remember the backstage fight after the pro fight a few weeks back? The woman who got arrested at that backstage fight has been hooking up with the GOAT’s offspring, which means the Housewife is getting cheated on.

Blind Item gossip from Crazy Days and Nights
Gossip from Crazy Days and Nights

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