Todd and Alexia Nepola’s Best Moments Before Filing for Divorce

I’ve always found myself rooting for Alexia Nepola on Real Housewives of Miami. To me, she was a winner, and even though a few of my friends always try to explain how she is the mean girl in the group, I’m afraid I have to disagree. Alexia was one tough cookie, but that’s what made her great. After two failed marriages I thought she had finally found her one and only in Todd Nepola. The duo dated for two years before becoming engaged in December 2019. 

However, there were a few red flags surrounding the couple. One is that Todd and Peter Rosello couldn’t get along if their lives depended on it and that they found it hard to find a date to get married. In a bizarre turn of events, Alexia’s mother passed away from coronavirus on the same day she was supposed to walk down the aisle. But in 2021, they snuck off and said, “I do,” causing every fan to take pause. Before there was trouble in paradise, there were a few good moments. So, let’s take a look.  

Closed door truths

Even though this could have been considered a very TMI moment for Alexia and Todd, it was hilarious to hear about their wish for a double toilet. While chatting with Larsa Pippen, the nail salon owner revealed that she and her husband had discussed designing a toilet that could be used simultaneously while facing one another. Alexia noted, “I love to pee and number two in front of Todd. Like, I’m O.K. with that.” Ew, gross. Alexia ended up telling producers, “Some people find it really weird, but I think a lot of people want to pee and sh*t together.”

Todd’s adjustment period

I don’t think Todd ever liked the camera. He always seemed uncomfortable on the Real Housewives of Miami. But he tried his best, and he often gushed about Alexia. While chatting on Behind the Velvet Rope, Todd noted how happy he was that Alexia had changed her name, sharing, “It sounds good to me.” As they approached their first anniversary, Todd revealed that appearing on the show was something “totally new.” But Todd was reassured by Alexia, who claimed he “was really good” when it came to his patience. 

Todd seemed to understand that he wasn’t the star of the show and was happy to support his wife. Alexia noted that the show was really hard at one point, but “luckily, I had Todd who helped me.” As Alexia shared these feelings, she also reached for Todd’s hand, who was happily waiting to grab hers. They seemed connected. 

Birthday wishes

Even though Alexia wasn’t pleased with her friend, Larsa, for planning a charity event on her birthday, she felt the date was botched, but Todd came to the recuse. After their horrendous basketball game, Todd arrived with a birthday cake and luxury presents! As Alexia held the box, she commented, “It weighs a lot.” The big present was a $78,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch. In a cute comment, Todd added, “Now we match,” showing his wrist with the same watch. I mean, who doesn’t want to match their spouse sometimes!?

Todd’s a family man

Todd, at times, found it hard to keep his cool with Peter, especially in the beginning. Even though it wasn’t exactly a pretty moment, it could be argued that Todd was trying to protect his wife. And that is admirable. In an emotional family scene, Todd tries to explain how Peter put his younger brother in danger. After the scene aired, Todd took to his Instagram to explain his views.

He wrote, “This is something much better suited for a professional therapist, as I say, but that’s not what this show is about. This is a real issue we have been dealing with for over 4 years, and they wanted us to talk about it on TV. That’s not easy. I have empathy for Alexia’s situation.” For Todd, he was doing what he thought a good husband should do- stand up for his wife. While the subject might have been extremely touchy, Todd was passionate about his new extended family, which was lovely to see. 


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