Tom Hanks’ Niece Throws Tantrum on Claim to Fame Season 2

Claim to Fame is a reality competition show that’s fun enough in concept. It’s in the same vein as The Masked Singer, in that it’s built around deduced identity. Every contestant is related in some way to a celebrity, and it’s the other contestants’ job to guess each celebrity link.

Contestants vote each week to choose a guesser between the two lowest-ranked players in the challenge. The guesser has to correctly guess someone’s identity, otherwise, they’re eliminated. In the most recent episode, Carly Reeves was found out.

Carly was correctly revealed to be the relative of Tom Hanks by another contestant named Hugo. Basically, the revelation meant Carly was eliminated from the game. Carly began crying and walking off the set, which was fair enough. It’s hard to be eliminated from a competition, especially as the first one to go. But from there, things took a strange turn… Then Rob Milton posted the footage on Twitter and it went viral.

What’s eating the Hanks family?

The cast was already looking a little disheveled after Carly walked away. But that was when they suddenly heard her shriek at the top of her lungs. As she climbed the stairs to her room, she shouted, “These freakin clues are just so freakin obvious! Freakin bench and the freakin poster of freakin Forrest Gump! Are you kidding me?”

The cast had the same reaction as the viewing audience, no doubt. They could only sit there and cringe as Carly shouted, deranged, “Why a bench? Why a bench?” She continued ranting about the clues and then insulted her cast member, Gabriel. “I didn’t even get to do any challenges!” she shouted.

Things got even stranger from there. As she rifled through her things, she screamed, “I don’t deserve this! I should have more camera time!” People on Twitter became rightfully concerned and confused. Many were amused, some comparing the ordeal to a parody that would happen on 30 Rock. Others wondered if this event spoke volumes about the Hanks family on the whole.


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