Top 10 Favorites – Cozy Cottage Lifestyle Favorites

Welcome to the new series here to help answer a lot of faq’s about items that I’ve shared & also to show you what others are currently loving that’s shared here on LizMarieBlog.Com. Each week I’ll round up the top favorite items I shared the previous week according to you. Here are this weeks Top 10 Favorite Items chosen by you listed below or you can see them all linked up here with all of my sources [HERE]:

1- Cozy metal bed tray – I have been using these daily here on the farm carrying things to the pool, serving guests, & even sitting here writing this blog post. I want to grab some more because I truly didn’t realize how handy these could truly be. The quality is so great too. Love the metal and how sturdy they are with the foldable legs.

2- Farmhouse tea towels – I used these to make curtains for our poolhouse [HERE] & they worked out so good, but since they were so affordable I bought a bunch of packs for out in the pool house kitchen to use when we needed them.

3- Cozy mom shorts – It’s so hard to find shorts that don’t fit too tight, too short, or just not right. I don’t feel like jeans are this hard so why are jean shorts? Anyways, these are great. They fit a bit oversized so they are cozy & just my go-to when reaching for jean shorts these days.

4- Cozy two piece set – I shared a bunch of cozy wardrobe finds from Walmart last week [HERE] & this was one that was SUPER popular & I know why: it comes in a bunch of great colors, can be dressed up or down, & it’s a way to wear your pajamas all day long right?

5- Washable cozy rug- I LOVE this rug so much. It’s in our office so I love that it’s washable & that it has that vintage vibe I feel like new rugs don’t always have.

6- Scallop bowl – I shared the massive sale QVC is having right now & a lot of my home decor items are a part of the sale so a lot of the items made the top 10 this week with deals like that! First up is this beautiful scallop bowl that’s 60% off now.

7- Horse Head statue- Another favorite from my QVC line & another one on MAJOR sale right now. If you have wanted it, now is your time! It’s a heavy piece & truly looks like an old antique find with the finish on it. It’s a good one!!

8- Cozy faux topiary – I love mixing faux plants with my real ones & I love the shape and cottage vibe of this one. It’s another item from my QVC line & you guessed it, it’s also on major sale this week!

9- Cozy tufted cushions – These are so great. Great price, great colors, great uses, & I can see why so many of you loved them when I shared them last week.

10- Faux pumpkin – Is someone pranking me?! When I saw this in the top 10 I about died laughing because this week I shared all about going into hobby lobby & seeing fall stuff out & freaking out. I had shared this pumpkin last fall & for some reason it seems like a lot of you are stocking up on fall things already & this was in your top pick already for this coming fall. I guess I can forgive you haha.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to.
I hope these top 10 posts give you a lot of cozy cottage lifestyle finds & a ton of inspiration. xx


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