Tour an 18th-Century Townhouse Updated to Gain Light and Openness

What do you do when your 18th-century London townhouse lacks natural light and openness? You find an architect who specializes in enhancing those very things.

That’s what these homeowners did when faced with a dark and cramped mid-Georgian property in the Kensington area of central London. After searching Houzz for local pros who knew how to work with light and glass, they found and hired Mark Barratt of Cato Creative.

Barratt added large-format skylights and full window walls at the rear of the building to flood the home with natural light. Interior glass walls and doors allow the light to venture deep into the home and be shared among rooms, creating a feeling of openness. Meanwhile, a mostly off-white palette further brightens the home, while black details give it a contemporary air that also highlights its traditional architectural features.

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