Types of checks to check out your style

types of checks in fabric

The appeal of checks within the clause of any fashion cause is something that needs no reiteration. One of the most timeless elements of style that has retained its classy touch even when being commonplace enough to emerge as basic almost, chequered patterns have enjoyed rampant recurrence through the evolution of style. They also often hold a certain social or cultural significance which only makes them more essential patterns to be worn and flaunted in all pride. Checks also come in a world of different styles and types and identities of their own. Here’s your definitive guide to pinpoint exactly the particular name you are standing up to as part of your chequered clothing-


tartan skirt
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Tartan might be one of the most widely worn types of checks when it comes to clothing. But despite this universality, a clear cut identity of it is rarely encountered. It also is one of the earliest kinds of checks that has been in existence since at least 3000 years. A socio- culturally prominent identity of Scotland but encountered as well in different interpretations of the chequered pattern the world over, tartans are distinctive and easily discernible in the specific sight of what it comes across as.

Tartans are such types of checks that are produced by variously colored criss crossed lines of horizontal and vertical occurring varying as well in their thickness or width. The color combination is quite expansive a choice to be made but the tones are generally muted. The uniqueness of the tartan pattern is that the checks are a mix of squares and rectangle since the lines need not intersect strictly the same. Tartan checks can be simple or complex in their forming but originally tartan used to be the name of a fabric that was patterned as such. The crossover asserts as well in terms of its alternate referring as plaids even when they have not always been exactly the same unfurling in fashion.


As iconic as the tartan weave is Gingham as one of the types of checks that speak for a style of its own. It generally refers to some sort of a cotton fabric patterned as such with small squares of a constant white presence. The complementing shade of choice typically expresses as a bright pick even as the overall color scheme as well as its tiny check size ekes out for gingham a characteristic identity. Ginghams are popular well beyond the fore of fashion and is particularly striking in taking over aprons and tablecloths. They also make for some of the top choices particularly for women’s dresses and as uniforms of young schoolgirls even though the range of their versatility easily encompasses every other realm of fashion and lifestyle.

Windowpane Checks

windowpane checks types
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This is a rather interesting pattern of what forms on your clothes exactly in the manner of what it evokes. The lines forming the checks are much thin indeed through which shapes up quite bigger ‘windows’ of what makes these among the types assume their name. These are some of the simplest assertions of this popular through fashion and beyond pattern offering though rather striking and sharp visuals of their evident essence. Outside wearable fashion as mainly a manly mainstay, windowpane checks find frequent emergence upon everything from bedsheets and tablecloths to floor mats and bags and the like.

Graph Checks

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Graph checks derive indeed from the standard sight of what is stipulated as graph pages of a very geometric availing. Translating into the realm of the wearable or even the ‘liveable’ and graph checks can be simply understood as really small squares eked out by sharp lines. They can be referred to as smaller scaled windowpane checks, even when the exactness of their square shape is not so certainly embedded upon the generally rectangular arising of the latter. The two tone narrative though outlines the color scheme of either making them some of the most apt styles for formalwear.

Madras Checks

Madras Checks types
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The essence of the Madras check is one of tartan beings but it is a standout specimen of style due to a dramatic colorful composition. In fact outside the largely Scottish identity of this category of the checked pattern, Madras happens to be the most popular. Eye catching in its bold graphicness of unevenly sized shapes is the Madras style of checks that express easily through every form of clothing. The origins of it are rooted in its nature as a fabric flaunting this specific design but the uniqueness of Madras transcends the range of visibility. Authentic Madras fabrics are marked by a definite texture as well even as the appeal of its aesthetics has meant that similar designs are today employed in the composition of other fabrics as well.

Tattersall Checks

Tattersall Check waistcoat
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Think of graph checks of only a slightly different dimension with the composing lines occurring alternately over a white background and you would have a clear picture of what tattersall checks are. An element of the traditional horse riding attire in London and in fact deriving its name from the horse market there, this aspect of the Tattersall identity continues to maintain relevance even in its current fashion exploration. That said though, the versatility of this duotone pattern has also rendered it commonplace across even the formal settings of workplaces.

Pin Checks

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This perhaps would be the smallest iteration amongst the different types of checks. So small in fact are the squares made by pin sized stripes that they assume a dot like appearance from a distance. A standard combination in part white and as standard a part of formal or office wear are these pinchecks that also attribute to the fabric a certain uniqueness of texture even in its seeing.


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The checkerboard pattern of course is one that avails out of and is indicating as well of what the playing board of that name encompasses in appearance. Unlike almost all other types of checks, this style is not produced by lines. It instead are squares of two colors that alternately find place upon the fabric for the charming character to take over. Black and white might be the most expected contrast due to physical checker playing boards occurring in that description. But the color combinations are limitless in what can compose this pattern as long as they radiate vibes of the classic congruent character.

Buffalo Checks

buffalo checks types
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The very basis of identification of the buffalo check is one of unexpected arising. Noted in its prominent red and black appearance in the form of squares formed by intersection of thick bands, this is also one of the newer emergences upon the checkered claim. It was only sometime in the 1850s that the name was conjured as such by its ‘creator’ after the herd of buffalos he owned. At that time the design was extensively employed to make woolen shirts but assumed a more universal character after more than a century of such arising.


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The pattern of houndstooth does not emerge so much as a check of what is understood in the classic sense of the term. Broken checks or what can be appropriately described as abstract four pointed shapes resembling a dog’s tooth sum up the pattern and thereby its identity in name. A contrasting color scheme of the dark and light, typically the classic black and white conjuring curates this pattern continuing from much ancient times as well. Scaling down the size of the ‘checks’ without any corresponding decline in popularity creates also another of those types, referred to as puppytooth.

Dupplin Checks

Dupplin Check
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A check pattern constructed within another check pattern due to a combination of the two composing types, dupplin checks are very evidently intricate in such embedded make. Windowpane checks are generally combined with dog’s tooth or what are called houndstooth checks to produce this style that comes across as a casual fashion choice even in the perceived complexity.

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