Val Chmerkovskiy’s Style Change Is a Hit With DWTS Fans

Val Chmerkovskiy


Val Chmerkovskiy finally ditched the blond hair.

“Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy just debuted a change to his look, and it was an immediate hit with fans. In March, the DWTS star changed his dark brown hair to blond. Fans, in general, did not like it.

Now, Chmerkovskiy’s hair is back to its usual brown hue, and show fans are thrilled.

“He went from looking like a weird grandpa to hot dad again,” commented a Reddit user.

Here’s what you need to know:

Val Chmerkovskiy Got Rid of the Blond

On May 18, both Chmerkovskiy and his wife, fellow “Dancing with the Stars” pro Jenna Johnson, shared new Instagram posts. Neither of them made a big deal over the hair color change. Despite that, fans immediately took notice.

Johnson’s post showed her snuggling in bed with Chmerkovskiy and their son, Rome. She indicated in the caption this was seemingly the perfect Saturday morning for her, and both parents smiled as Rome drank a bottle.

The comments section quickly filled with heart emoji and other symbols of adoration. One early commenter, however, celebrated the hair color change.

“Thank god that blonde is gone 😂,” one follower declared.

The DWTS Star’s Hair Change Was More Subtle in His Own Post

Chmerkovskiy’s Instagram post also showed the “Dancing with the Stars” pro with the darker hair color. However, it was a bit more subtle.

In the caption of his post, Chmerkovskiy wrote about “My little Valor family.” He tagged the Instagram page for the Valor Academy High School, a charter school in San Fernando Valley, California. His caption suggested he has been volunteering with the school for quite some time.

The post contained a mixture of videos and photos showing Chmerkovskiy with the Valor students. He wrote, “The amount of love and worth that I receive every time we congregate is immeasurable. This is success, this is wealth, these moments are what it’s all about.”

In all of the photos and videos, Chmerkovskiy’s darker hair peeked out from under the baseball cap he wore.

Chmerkovskiy’s post received a lot of comments within the first few hours, but in this case, nobody commented on the hair color change right away.

Fans Are Thrilled Chmerkovskiy Ditched the Blond

A screenshot of Johnson’s Instagram post quickly made its way into the “Dancing with the Stars” Subreddit. The Redditor who posted it wrote, “Oh thank god I mean I did not HATE IT but I wished it was more silver than yellow. He always looks good tho the world is healed again.”

Another Redditor posted a gif that read, “Thank you styling gods.”

Someone else wrote, “Thank god. I wasn’t feeling that blonde hair.”

A different Redditor commented with a gif that read, “Can I get a Hallelujah!”

Chmerkovskiy has tinkered with his style plenty of times previously. He goes from clean-shaven to scruffy, sometimes, and his hairstyle or length changes here and there, too. Going from dark brown to blond was a big change, even for him, and seeing his hair return to its usual dark hue seems to be a big hit with “Dancing with the Stars” fans.

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