Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City is fueling a cactus trend

Asteroid City delivered exactly what we’ve come to expect from any Wes Anderson film – a stunning aesthetic. And as soon as the credits rolled I couldn’t stop thinking about adding one particular new houseplant idea to my home – a large, sculptural cactus.

If you’ve yet to see the famed director’s latest film let me explain. Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City revels in the retro desert aesthetic, think white-washed cabins with striped awnings and sandy orange landscapes studded with (yes, you guessed it) giant cacti.

Since I was a student I’ve always kept a small cactus or two in my houseplant collection, however, this summer I’m determined to go all in and fully embrace the desert aesthetic, and I’m not the only one on board with this new houseplant trend

Cactus in home

(Image credit: Beards & Daisies)

Cactus trend

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