West Elm Slope Leather Dining Chair Review 2023

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I am not the sort of person who can casually drop hundreds of dollars on a dining chair, let alone six of them. My favorite place to “shop” is my local Buy Nothing group, with Facebook Marketplace being a close second. But I love to cook and love to eat even more, so I spend a lot of time at the table. Back in 2016, after years of wobbling on budget-friendly chairs, I was ready (with lots of deep breathing) to invest in West Elm’s best-selling Slope Leather Dining Chair. Seven years later, they’re still one of the best things I’ve bought for our dining setup. 

Why I Love the West Elm Slope Leather Dining Chair

There are plenty of reasons the Slope Leather Dining Chair is a bestseller. Not only is it beautiful and comfortable (a must), but it’s also extremely sturdy, thanks to the structure of the base. Without armrests, it can squeeze easily into small spaces, or make larger spaces feel airy and uncluttered. Our “dining room” is a small nook between the living room and kitchen, and we were able to squeeze all six of our Slope Dining chairs into the space, with plenty of elbow room. 

The chairs come in both traditional leather and a vegan alternative, in up to 14 different shades. We opted for the saddle leather in the Nut color, which not only has a lovely warm tone, but also a smooth, supple feel. I try to refrain from asking guests to feel our chairs, but it takes effort.

I knew the chairs would look great and be comfortable, but I didn’t realize that being comfortable at dinner would translate to lingering over meals and chatting until the candles were nubs. Without meaning to, we were spending twice as much time at the table instead of moving quickly to the couch. 

That said, not all of us were comfortable. Our children, in preschool and early elementary at the time, had to earn the privilege of sitting on the leather chairs, and let me tell you there is nothing more motivating to a 4-year-old sitting on plastic than a “grown-up chair.” Buying the Slope Leather Dining Chairs was probably our single greatest table manners intervention.  

Despite our care, there are occasional spills. The good news is that leather is a dream to clean. According to West Elm, oil-based spots and spills should be wiped, but that’s it — don’t even apply water. “In most cases, the spot should dissipate into the leather after a period of time,” the care instructions read, and that has been my experience. For deeper cleaning, the brand recommends Mohawk Leather Repair Kits, also available in wipes. For vegan leather, plain ol’ water is the recommended cleaning method for spots or smudges. 

Do These Chairs Ever Go on Sale? 

If these chairs are objectively not in your budget, keep an eye out for West Elm’s big sales, including Fourth of July, Black Friday, and Memorial Day. In fact, during its current July Fourth sale, the chairs are half off so you can complete your whole dining room at a more reasonable price. Or ask in store about discounts on floor models — especially if the item has minor damage or wear. 

If you can swing the cost, these chairs are a buy-it-for-life investment. Seven years later, our chairs are still in fantastic shape, despite daily use. I fully expect that someday my grandchildren will be earning their right to sit in the very same seats my children occupy now. I have no buyer’s remorse and I’d gladly spend the money again — this time without batting an eye. 

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