What to Know About Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Peregrine Design Build
Roofs and overhead structures. Having something overhead will protect both the kitchen area and guests from the elements, whether it’s harsh sunlight, rain, weather extremes or snow. This, in turn, will mean you can use your outdoor kitchen far more often. As a design feature, it sets the kitchen off as a separate space from both the house and the rest of the landscape. It allows you to easily add amenities like overhead lighting, heating and cooling.

A roof or overhead structure also has some drawbacks. An overhead structure is not recommended above many grills, for safety reasons. If you do have one, be sure you have the appropriate ventilation around the grill and an overhead vent installed. A patio roof can also close off the space unnecessarily.

A fully covered space is both more expensive and permanent, but it will ensure that both your kitchen and those using it are out of the elements. It will easily allow you to add in overhead lighting, heating and fans.

A partial roof can give you some shelter while still allowing you to keep the grill and other cooking areas safely ventilated and away from flammable materials.